Lenovo Design

Lenovo Design is an innovative design group that is made up of members with a variety of professions. In the past three decades, Lenovo Design has been responsible for optimising the product experience of the entire Lenovo product range, uplifting the brand image and providing Lenovo customers excellent, diverse and emotional services. As an important part of Lenovo Design, the Worldwide Brand Design Team includes dedicated designers who specialise in graphic design, photography as well as multimedia.

What makes somebody a good designer?

A good designer must be someone who is passionate about what he does, so that everything he does come from love.

How do you convince customers?

Through the work you’ve put your passion on, you convince people who resonate.

How do you attract attention?

By doing the opposite of what everyone else is doing, and by doing what you believe in.

How do you cope with competition?

Use competition as inspiration and fuel to do something better and different.

What is your personal key to success?

Define your own meaning of success, and believe in it.


Posted on 04.03.2017

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