Julius Steffens, Philipp Stute

Julius Steffens (art) and Philipp Stute (text) are the creative directors of the content section of Serviceplan in Berlin. They have worked together since 2009 and, during this time, have developed campaigns for a variety of clients including the German TV stations ARD and ZDF, the Deutsches Historisches Museum (German Historical Museum) and the Deutscher Anwaltverein (German Bar Association).

What makes somebody a good designer? 

He identifies the problem before finding the solution. A good designer does not see his work as an end in itself.

How do you convince clients?

With good ideas and comprehensible arguments. The last time round, a strawberry tart was useful.

How do you cope with competition?

Competition is extremely important to know one’s own position. Nothing spurs you on more than a really good campaign that unfortunately
was not done by you.

Is there a designer you would like to meet personally?

Kurt Weidemann, if he was still alive. His opinions on typefaces and corporate design still impress us.

What are the main challenges you have to overcome in your work life?

The three fatal blows: it doesn’t work, it exists already, I don’t like it.

Posted on 18.01.2017

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