Jeff Salazar

Jeff Salazar is part of a team of designers who put their creative minds together at LUNAR, San Francisco in the USA, to bring exceptional products to the market. Together with the manufacturer Belle-V, Jeff Salazar developed an elegant and extraordinary bottle opener – they were awarded with the Red Dot: Best of the Best 2016.

How do you define design quality?

Design has the power to move heads and hearts by manifesting brand vision and unmet market needs with a strong and deliberate point of view.

What are the challenges in your everyday work?

A key challenge for me is in retaining a sense of balance and conscious awareness amidst the constantly shifting landscape of growth imperatives, a vast array of project internal/external dynamics, and attention to supporting designers’ growth paths. There are ever-increasing demands on time, and it’s quite easy to become distracted by the ambient noise that is inherently part of a daily routine.

What do you see as being the biggest challenges in your industry at present?

Staying relevant and delivering impact.

Posted on 16.05.2017

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