Francisco Gomez Paz

Francisco Paz (* 1975 in Salta, Argentina) is the former design manager of Domus Design Lab. After working for Paolo Rizzato for four years, he started his own design studio in Milan and developed product and communication projects for design studios and companies in Europe and Argentina.

What was your goal when you designed your award-winning product?

I wanted to design a lighting fixture by decomposing the spatial arrangement of tiny LED units, distributing them to optimise the diffusion of light and empowering each of them with complete independence from the others. For the arrangement of the light nodes I used parameters based on the Fibonacci sequence. A net of wires with a steel heart constitutes the structure that holds every LED node creating an X&Y-based mesh. Thus, it is possible to independently control each of the 120 LEDs.

What inspires you?

Curiosity is my muse and guide.

What are the challenges in your everyday work?

Finding beauty in the solution of problems.

Posted on 21.05.2017

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