Dieter Sieger’s 80th birthday (*May 3, 1938)

Dieter Sieger’s 80th birthday (*May 3, 1938)

The success story of his enterprise begins in the 1960s with his own architectural practice. Today, his sons Michael and Christian Sieger are in charge of the second generation sieger design agency, which now operates as a premium brand and full-service agency. The aim of the agency is to essentially develop brand concepts and products with a USP in a success-oriented way – and more importantly, to support holistic development. With an approximately 45-member interdisciplinary team comprising marketing, design, communication, architecture, design management and PR, the design at sieger design ranks today as a comprehensive consulting service. Until today, the company has been awarded over 200 design awards.


Successive stages from architecture to naval architecture to product design

Located at Harkotten castle today, Dieter Sieger led his agency initially from architecture to naval architecture to product design.

Dieter Sieger’s career as an architect (1964 to 1980)

Well-endowed with his architectural course of studies, Dieter Sieger worked from 1964 to 1980 with his own office, mainly in the field of architecture. He took up the initial construction projects while he was studying. In doing so, he laid the foundation for his independence and the framework of his own establishment. The planning of nuclear and multi-family dwellings culminated in development, planning and ready-to-use construction and rose to a crescendo of marketing of entire residential areas in Münsterland. Without further ado, he set up his own property development company, which from 1975, was involved in the construction of large regional villa projects and later started operating at international level.

Dieter Sieger creates luxury yachts (1975 to 1985)

Towards the end of the 1970s, Dieter Sieger discovered his passion for sailing. It grew into a great advantage for him in the consultation work for the interior designing of yachts. The design and construction of a 42-feet sailing yacht brought him his first success at the Düsseldorf boat show in 1981, which continued in the following year. From thereon, he pursued his work of architecting the most demanding requirements in the smallest space with the renowned Dutch shipyard Anne Wever. Up to 1985, Dieter Sieger created more than 30 luxury yachts.

Dieter Sieger switches over to product design (1983 to 1996)

Dieter Sieger 80. Geburtstag - Armatur Domani Dornbracht & Matria Besteck WMF
He made the first contacts with the sanitary industry through his work in naval architecture. It resulted in the development of sanitaryware for Alape in Goslar. His sanitary ware series Lavarlo and Lavarset for Alape, and subsequently the sanitary ware series Giamo for Duravit and the Domani fitting for Dornbacht, paved his road to success. 1996 onwards, his sons Christian and Michael Sieger gradually took over the leadership of sieger design. They developed other products of sanitary ware section for manufacturers like Duravit, along with other areas in which the company had already gained a great reputation. For instance, the porcelain series TRIC for Arzberg, the freestanding fireplace for the company Skantherm, silverware for WMF and a crystal bath for Swarovski. In 2003, Dieter Sieger retired completely from active management to devote himself to the development of his own collections and to act as consultant, planner and host on the international art scene.


sieger design as a full-service agency

Dieter Sieger 80. Geburtstag - Christian und Michael Sieger
Responsible for the development of the design brands Ritzenhoff and Octopus, sieger design steadily developed into a full service agency. For the two brothers, quality design does not mean working on the form, rather it is an integrated concept that takes the interplay of factors into account. These factors constitute economic, ecological, social and cultural dimensions, and are given a great deal of respect at sieger design. To date, the concepts and products are pursued with an immensely sustainable approach. Christian and Michael Sieger focus on the holistic approach of branded products, which ranges from marketing strategies, product development and packaging to architecture for exhibition stands and showrooms. In the process, designs are always characterised by intelligent functionality and often archetypal design.


SIEGER – ‘own brand’ of the two brothers

With their passion and their courage for color, shapes and international flair, the brothers developed their own SIEGER brand2 in 2005, which also includes the SIEGER by FÜRSTENBERG brand and which was also created in 2005 in cooperation with the Porzellanmanufaktur FÜRSTENBERG. Michael Sieger is the creative mind that developed an absolute passion and dedication for the profession of the designer early on in school years. With his drive for perfection and the substantially consistent result, he brings sensitivity to the smallest details and always has a sense of global trends and long-term developments. Rather than design, Christian Sieger on the other hand shines in professional marketing, with which he drives the company forward. Today, sieger design is active for many national and international companies such as Alape, Dornbracht, Duravit, Lamy or Jochen Pohl.


Company headquarters at Harkotten castle

Dieter Sieger 80. Geburtstag - Schloss Harkotten
The headquarters of sieger design is at Harkotten castle in Münsterland, which offers sufficient space for events with clients and business partners. The historic site reflects the aesthetic aspiration of the company. In 1988, Dieter Sieger restored the former hunting château from the year 1754 completely, and rebuilt it into the headquarters of sieger design. The historic details of the architecture stand in contrast to the objects of designers of today. Inside, the self-designed office furniture, design objects by friendly artists and contemporary art are interspersed with the old baroque floors and ceilings. The restored garden now houses a collection of contemporary art objects made by Dieter Sieger, his son Michael Sieger and friendly designers and artists.


If you would like to know more about this successful family business, take a look at the Design projects by sieger design2.

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