Andreas Reichlin

Andreas Reichlin designed the puristic fire ring TULIP for Feuerring GmbH in Switzerland. The work on the functionally long-lasting fire ring, which can also be used as a grill, was honored with the Red Dot Award: Best of the Best 2016.

What inspires you? 

Nature, art and genuine people. Is there a project that you have always dreamed about realising someday? I already do what I like doing, every day. I translate my needs into art and design.

Why did you become a designer?

I’m a sculptor, a sculptor of steel; I surround myself with things that are beautiful and autonomous. That’s why I look for new solutions.

What are the challenges in your everyday work?

The courage to say no, to go against the trend, to work with passion and therefore to remain genuine.

How do you define design quality? 

When function, aesthetics, static equilibrium, materiality and ecology all come together in a single form.

Posted on 08.03.2017

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