Dieter Sieger’s 80th birthday (*May 3, 1938)

Dieter Sieger’s 80th birthday (*May 3, 1938)

The success story of his enterprise begins in the 1960s with his own architectural practice. Today, his sons Michael and Christian Sieger are in charge of the second generation sieger ...

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Red Dot 21 – Portraits

In the “Portraits” section of the Red Dot 21 magazine, we present personalities whose work has exerted a marked influence on the design industry. They are both well-known designers whose names are inextricably linked with the word “design” as well as less well-known designers who are nonetheless firmly established players in their respective areas of work. However, you will also find profiles of up and coming young designers who approach product design with fresh ideas and innovative concepts and who drive creative projects in this way. Only very few designers, whose products have received the “Red Dot: Best of the Best” distinction at the Red Dot Award, have to date been included in the beginning pages of the exclusive yearbooks. We present these designers and their award-winning products in an online profile, provide background information and details on their work with manufacturers and highlight what inspired them in the creation of their products. But the “Portraits” section also devotes some space to the renowned design experts that make up the Red Dot jury. They come from all over the world and represent a wide range of different sectors. Their expertise assures the high quality standard of the Red Dot Award.

Get to know the designers and their work

We mark big birthdays of famous designers and experts by reporting on their life and work and by wishing them many happy returns. Perhaps you will already have had the opportunity to admire the one or other architectural sight or various buildings without knowing exactly who is responsible for these breath-taking constructions? Or you may have asked yourself why a product has a particular shape or why certain special materials were used to make it. On Red Dot 21 we not only reveal who is behind a certain innovative design product, but also explore the ideas and intentions designers have when creating their work. That allows you to gain a better understanding of their personal story and gives you a different perspective on their products, concepts and objects.

We are not always in the lucky position of being able to celebrate a happy occasion. Many designers that made design and architectural history and have influenced and shaped the design world far beyond the borders of their countries of origin, are no longer among us, but their work remains. In order to ensure that they are not forgotten, we remember some of these great creative personalities with a portrait.