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New series: Designers’ Hotspots

The first city to feature in our series is Vienna. Austria’s capital city has a reputation the world over for being one of the world’s best cities to live in. You can find out about the major tourist highlights online whenever you want. But this is where you can discover the favourite places and secret tips of someone who knows the city like the back of his hand: Erwin K. Bauer from buero bauer.

The tips

Magdas Hotel

© Paul Kranzler © Guilherme Silva da Rosa

Hotel run as a social business by Caritas, where employees from 14 countries welcome guests to the modern rooms of what used to be a retirement home.


© Gebhard Sengmüller © Gebhard Sengmüller

Since its re-opening in 2015 in old vaults, Supersense combines all of the buzzwords of the moment: creative start-up, concept store, retro chic, DIY gadgets, urban café.

Mayer am Nussberg

© Mayer am Nussberg

The well-known wine tavern has a weekend restaurant in the hills high above Vienna where guests can enjoy a crisp wine and local specialities while relaxing in a deckchair.

Locality: Reindorfgasse

© IG Kaufleute Reindorfgasse

A Viennese mix: Creative initiatives in this lively locality show that revitalising a neighbourhood doesn’t have to mean gentrification. Restaurant recommendation: Gasthaus Quell!


Other: “A-List” web portal

© A-List

With insider tips sorted by category and region, the A-List is THE internet address for reading about newly opened ventures and existing classics!

These tips are from:

Mag. Erwin K. Bauer, buero bauer, Vienna, Austria

Our first provider of tips for Vienna, Mag. Erwin K. Bauer, is founder and managing director of buero bauer, one of Austria’s leading design offices for visual and spatial communication. He works across different media with an interdisciplinary team from the areas of architecture, strategy, photography, text and design for images and the web. The design office deals intensively with identity in the areas of Corporate Design & Architecture, Information Design and Orientation Systems, resulting again and again in design solutions that are surprising yet feasible for everyday use. Erwin K. Bauer lectured at the University of Applied Arts for many years and holds workshops and presentations both nationally and internationally. With self-initiated projects such as the ‘show laboratory’ at Vienna Design Week or the Typopassage, a Micro Museum for the Design of and with Typography, there is constantly new impetus for vibrant discourse on the topic of design.

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Posted on 18.01.2017

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