The tree bar

From a tree to a tourist destination

With its exotic beauty, the African monkey bread tree, also referred to as the baobab, is characteristic of the African tropical landscape. These thick-trunked trees are known for reaching an unusually old age of around 1,000 years and achieving an impressive trunk diameter. But Sunland Big Baobab, which stands on Sunland Farm in Modjadjiskloof, South Africa, has long since exceeded the maximum age recorded by botanists for this type of tree: According to carbon dating, this gigantic tree has grown on that spot for more than 6,000 years, performing its ecological task of providing food and shelter to numerous South African animal species. This makes the giant tree probably one of the Earth’s oldest living creatures.

On the inside of this ancient giant, the owners of Sunland Farm discovered a surprisingly large tree cave of around 4 metres in height that was just crying out to be used. Somewhat later, the Tree Bar emerged, and it is now one of the top attractions in the region.

A bar in the form of a giant tree

On the inside of the tree, you almost feel like you have been whisked away to a fairy world: The knotty beauty of the ancient baobab casts a spell over the onlooker. The unusual bar will not only win you over with its rustic flair featuring lots of naturally grown wood, but also with its contemporary interior: In addition to a fully equipped bar, it also has electricity, an impressive sound system and its own wine cellar. There is space for around 60 guests to enjoy the unusual atmosphere of the Tree Bar.

No wonder, then, that the Sunland Big Baobab is not only a popular destination in the region but has also become a popular location for events: In particular lots of weddings are celebrated in the shade of the impressive giant tree, so that the owners are now specifically offering weddings around the Big Baobab.

There is also an option to stay overnight at the Sunland Big Baobab in one of the simple but idyllic huts, which house a total of 20 people. If you want to find out more about the leisure and accommodation options in the idyllic South African giant tree, you can find further information and inspiring photos on the Big Baobab website.

Want more?

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Posted on 01.09.2016

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