Stargazers – Like spending a night in space

Close to nature and tradition

While it’s common in most parts of the world to build a snowman when the first snow falls, in snowy Finland, the tradition is to come together to build snow igloos. It’s a pity, though, that these always melt again eventually. That’s probably what Jussi Eiramo was thinking when he built a holiday village of igloos in Lapland with igloos made not from snow and ice but from crystal-clear glass. Melting snow was no longer an issue!

The small igloo village is located in the middle of the forest in Finland, near to an idyllic river, and offers guests a deep insight into Lapland’s attractive and wild landscape. Here, deep in nature, the world seems peaceful and full of magic, particularly in the autumn and winter months, when the night sky is filled with colours thanks to nature’s unique spectacle, the Northern lights, or Aurora Borealis. There is probably no better place to observe the lights than the glass igloos at Kakslauttanen.

Modern glass igloos

The igloos are made from special Thermoglass that prevents them freezing over and ensures cosy warmth even in icy outside temperatures that can get down as far as -30°C. A wraparound curtain provides the necessary privacy, but the view to the sky is always uncovered. You can sleep under the stars without having to forego the pleasant comfort of a warm bed on cold nights.

Of course it’s not just a warm bed that awaits you in the futuristic-looking glass buildings: The 20 glass igloos are equipped with a toilet, a wash room and an entrance, while the hotel’s own restaurant provides the culinary delights. If you want you can also use the on-site sauna or make use of the somewhat more conventional accommodation options, such as the traditional Finnish turf huts or the original snow igloos in the winter. There is also a large glass igloo for events or for evenings spent socialising.

And while waiting for the nightly canopy of stars with the fascinating Northern lights, visitors can fill their day with lots of different activities: From gold panning in the neighbouring Ivalo river basin to hiking and experiencing nature in Finland’s second-largest national park, Urho Kekkonen, or fishing trips on Lake Inari, which is considered a real angler’s paradise, anyone who loves nature is sure to find the right activity for them. Speaking of loving nature, if you decide to spend a night in the glass igloos in Kakslauttanen, don’t be alarmed if you see a few reindeer, foxes, squirrels or even a bear in front of the entrance to your igloo in the mornings. Here in the Finnish hinterland, nature is just a heartbeat away.

Enjoying autumn at home

Of course not everyone can simply pack their suitcases and head off on an autumn trip to Finland, despite the pull of Lapland’s nature and beauty. But luckily those of us who stay at home can also have a wonderfully cosy time: Red Dot 21 has just the right products on hand to let you watch the amazing starry sky even on chilly autumn evenings. You can warm up on the inside with a delicious cup of tea (the tea maker with a neoprene cover from Tools Design in the category Households, tableware and kitchen is a tasteful helper). Combine this with the cosy blanket from Troy° and the stylish and completely spill-free hot-water bottle from Troy° to keep you pleasantly warm – so what are you waiting for? Click through the categories on Red Dot 21 and discover stylish products to make your autumn even more beautiful!

We wish you a cosy and pleasant autumn!


Posted on 20.10.2016

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