Hong Kong, China – Designers’ Hotspots

Hong Kong, China – Designers’ Hotspots

The designer Vivian Cheng worked long years for the Hong Kong Design Institute and is well informed about the local design scene. Here, in the “Designersʼ Hotspots Hong Kong”, she gives very personal tips for a visit to the vibrant metropolis and gives away, among others, where to enjoy the best Dim Sum meal in town.

The tips

Jockey Club Innovation Tower

Jockey Club Innovation Tower

The Jockey Club Innovation Tower, designed by Zaha Hadid, is the home of the PolyU’s School of Design and the eyecatcher of the campus. The tower can be visited and hosts changing exhibitions from the field of design and architecture.




If you want to experience dinner at a MICHELIN Star restaurant and appreciate art, you need to visit this two-star fine dining restaurant. They have the best food in town with elite art all over the restaurant. If you enjoy fresh air, they have an open garden where you can enjoy your cocktail with friends and have a cosy time together. Don’t miss the chance to enjoy an artistic dinner in Duddells if you are an art lover.


Hong Kong Design Institute & HKDI Gallery

Hong Kong Design Institute & HKDI Gallery

From an architectonical point of view alone, the Hong Kong Design Institute is definitely worth a visit. Especially recommended are the exhibitions in the HKDI Gallery as well as the manifold events hosted by the HKDI.


The SoHo area in Central

SoHo area

In this area, you can enjoy a day without feeling bored – an antique market, shopping malls, small restaurants, street food, the PMQ (see below), design stores, temples etc. fill every corner of this neighbourhood. You can experience the old and the new within a few footsteps and feel the change of the city by walking through the streets.


PMQ – Creativity at a new address


PMQ is a hub for design and creative industries, where round about a hundred creative enterprises, design studios and shops can be found – featuring fashion design, lifestyle, furniture as well as jewellery and accessories. Go and visit!


Lung King Heen

Lung King Heen

Visiting Hong Kong without tasting it’s unique Dim Sum lunch will be a waste of your journey to Hong Kong. This paradise of food is well known for its capacity in providing you a broad variety and high quality of good food. One of the special highlights in Hong Kong is Dim Sum. The name “Dim Sum” means “small little dish” – it’s covering all types and sorts of cooking styles within the Chinese kitchen, but all are served in a miniature size, providing you with the opportunity to taste a wider variety during just one small lunch.

Lung King Heen is the best – and the most expensive – place for a fine Dim Sum lunch, this three-star MICHELIN restaurant is located on the 4th floor of the Four Season Hotel. Just remember to make your reservation before you take off for your trip – it might take 2-3 months in advance for your booking.


Hong Kong Heritage Museum

Hong Kong Heritage Museum

At the Hong Kong Heritage Museum, you can learn a lot about the history of Hong Kong, its culture and art. The mix is unique and the museum really worth a visit.


Harbour View

Victoria Harbour

Hong Kong has a beautiful harbour landscape, don’t forget to take a boat trip by Star Ferry – it only costs a few dollars, and you can enjoy a wonderful trip crossing the harbour. If you have extra time, take the chance and travel a bit up to the Victoria Hill to see the landscape from the height.


SLEEEP – Capsule Hotel in Hong Kong

SLEEEP – Capsule Hotel

Hong Kong is one of the world´s most expensive city for living due to its high land prices. Just recently, budget travellers were given a new choice: SLEEEP – a new capsule hotel located in the heart of Hong Kong. SLEEEP provides high quality, eco-friendly sleeping environments for clients on an hourly or nightly basis. If you want to keep your traveling budget low or experience the small and congested living atmosphere in Hong Kong, sleeping a night here might give you some insider perception.


Classified – café style restaurant

Restaurant Classified

When Classified was launched in 2006, its founders wanted to create a new dining concept in Hong Kong. Rather than open Classified in a character-free mall, the intention was to revive street-level interaction and neighbourhood sociability. Looking for quality coffee, cheese, sandwich and others, you can get it all right here at Classified.


These tips are from:

Vivian Wai-kwan Cheng, Vivian Design, Hong Kong

Vivian Cheng

On leaving Hong Kong Design Institute after 19 years of educational service, Vivian Cheng founded “Vivian Design” in 2014 to provide consultancy services in design networking, event management, design research, design and promote her own art in jewellery and glass.

She started her design career by completing a BA in industrial design at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University in 1987, afterwards worked as a watch designer and later engaged in the design of fashion accessories. After finishing her Master’s degree, she joined the Vocational Training Council teaching product design. She developed the jewellery design course with this Design Institute and became later responsible for exploring and developing the international link with design-related organisations and design schools, arranging exchanges, special events, exhibitions, as well as managing industrial networking while she was the International Liaison Manager in Hong Kong Design Institute (HKDI).

Vivian Cheng has been an active figure in the design hubs in Hong Kong. She was a council member of the Chartered Society of Designers Hong Kong, a member of the Hong Kong Designers Association and the Board of Directors of the Hong Kong Design Centre (HKDC) and actively participated in organising design conferences, workshops and exhibitions hosted by the HKDC and HKDI.

Vivian Cheng has been invited to the jury panels of many renowned design competitions, among them the BIO, Compasso DʼOro International Award, Golden Pin Award, Lotus Prize, Taipei International Design Award, Braun Prize and the Red Dot Design Award.

By the way, you can also find these and other tips for Hong Kong from Vivian Cheng in the Red Dot Design App in Red Dot Maps.

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Posted on 03.07.2017

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