Highlights from all over the globe: Alux Caverns – cave magic in Mexico

Mystical atmosphere with tradition

The Alux Caverns in Playa del Carmen, Mexico, are an ancient and extensive network of caves that have been tastefully and stylishly shaped into a unique and versatile design location. Although their current use is still relatively recent, Alux has a long history that is steeped in tradition.

Legend has it that the caves were once the home of delicate and light-footed moonlight elves known as Aluxob. These “little people” were harmless but were always up to mischief, and so the Maya endeavoured to please them with small gifts. The Aluxob were very protective of their property and were always trying to increase their wealth. At times of danger or need, they offered the population protection in their caves in return for small offerings. That’s according to the legends. While it is true that the Alux caves, named after the little moonlight elves, were once used as places of refuge by the Maya, they also functioned as sites for performing sacred rituals.

A visit to Alux today still conjures up the magic of past eras. The labyrinthine cave system comprises countless different grottos and well shafts and has clear subterranean rivers running through it, making it easy for visitors to believe tales of impish elves hiding in the endless passageways and in the magic that can be performed in the fantastic grottos.

Dining where the elves live

The mystical and beautiful atmosphere in the cave grottos is impressive: The rough natural shape of the underground cavern is showcased using carefully placed light sources, while minerals in the stone conjure up fascinating colour patterns in the illuminated caves, while the natural stalagmites and stalactites tower like sculptures. In between there are several restaurant halls and a modern lounge bar with a stage. The expansive cave restaurant has recently even added a vault for Mayan ceremonies. Weddings and other celebrations can be held there, and it goes without saying that shamans and pre-Hispanic dancers and musicians will be on hand to provide the right entertainment! The restaurant’s own kitchen offers top-class cuisine befitting this grand setting, rounding off the visit to the Alux Caverns quite literally in a tasteful manner.

A must for all travellers to Mexico

The unique mix of design, nature, gourmet food, mystical legends and the cultural inheritance of the Maya has ensured that the Alux Caverns have become a real highlight for locals and tourists alike since the restaurant’s opening.

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Posted on 16.02.2016

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