Frankfurt, Germany – Designers` Hotspots

Frankfurt, Germany – Designers` Hotspots

As a supplement to our report on IAA Cars 2017, the Red Dot 21 team has collated a few tips for your visit to the metropole on the Main. Beginning with hotels, through bars and restaurants and up to showrooms, we will show you how you can make your stay an unforgettable experience and can get to know Frankfurt from its most beautiful side. In the case that you have a little more time to spend in Frankfurt, do plan a visit to the city’s museum as an extension to your exploration of the city.


The Tips


This hotel is situated right on the banks of the Main River in the historically important part of Frankfurt. It offers you a completely refurbished and creatively designed piece of the city’s heritage with a unique view of its skyline. It was originally built as a country house and was later converted into a flour mill and even later it was also used as a tannery. The architects‘ office of the architects Müller & Jourdan have imaginatively solved the difficult problem of advancing the existing styles of construction from different epochs and to unify them with the new section of the hotel with a fanciful flair.


The Pure

This designer hotel is situated in the centre of Frankfurt. It is placed right between the Frankfurt Main Railway Station (Hauptbahnhof) and the exhibition grounds (Messegelände) and not far from the picturesque bank of the Main River. You can easily reach the historical part of Frankfurt, the neighbouring museums, the Frankfurt Opera House, the English Theatre and the well-known Schauspielhaus Frankfurt on foot from the hotel.



You will experience lascivious lifestyle with extravagant charm at the Roomers Hotel in Frankfurt. The Roomers brand belongs to the Gekko Group – an extraordinary collection of realty, hotels, restaurants, bars and event locations. Its owners are Alex Urseanu and Micky Rosen. This cosmopolitan hotel is situated a five minute walk from the Frankfurt Main Railway Station (Hauptbahnhof) and nine minutes from the Städel Museum of Art (Städel Museum für Kunst). Every room in the Roomers Hotel is unique and has its own look which is tailored to that of the city in a singular way.


Druckwasserwerk Restaurant

This restaurant is located in the historical pressurised waterworks and is a protected monument. It was built in 1899 and was voted the Monument of the Year in 2009 and is considered the ideal for a successful renovation. The restaurant offers fine German dining and an exquisite selection of wines and spirits in an extraordinary ambience that is a mix of culture, art and culinary art. It offers you sheer pleasure for all your senses.



The Zenzakan is more than just a restaurant, it is a Pan-Asian supper club with a lounge and bar area. It is located near the Taunusanlage, the green area near the Taunusanlage station, and not far from Opernplatz. This spectacular concept restaurant with its cosmopolitan style could just as well be placed in London, New York or Dubai and offers you cuisine inspired by China, Thailand, Vietnam and Japan. In spite of its imposing dimensions of 2000 square metres, the Zenzakan immerses you a cosy and pleasant atmosphere, where you can enjoy yourself in small séparées. An elaborate concept for illumination, pleasing music and an exquisite ambience are what you can expect there.


Main Tower Restaurant & Lounge

This restaurant impresses its guests with an exclusive and modern design and it is situated high above the roofs of Frankfurt. It is on the 53rd floor, at a height of 187 metres and offers you a wonderful panoramic view of the city. It is one of the most popular addresses in the city for gourmets with high expectations. The restaurant is open for both lunch and dinner. Prior to dining, you can enjoy an aperitif in the lounge to get into the mood to bring a pleasant evening to a close after a show at the theatre or a concert.


Gekkos Bar

This bar, that is well-known all over Germany, is situated in the heart of Frankfurt. The bar team, which has won awards, serves you classic cocktails, exclusive spirits, a large selection of wines and champagnes at its long bar. It also has an impressive collection of cigars. Six evenings a week, a DJ regales you with music. At times, you will also find a band playing live music for you here at the Gekkos Bar.


Sullivan Bar

This large bar is centrally located and is spread over two floors. It is in a building that once housed a bakery in the middle of the financial district, diagonally opposite the “Frankfurter Hof” hotel. It serves classic cocktails, sandwiches and small eats. On the ground floor, there is a long, imaginatively illuminated bar with pistachio coloured bar stools. You also have green upholstered booths with dark brown tables and tiled walls that just invite you to spend time there. It was designed by the architects’ office of Frank Lloyd Wright. Their principle of organic architecture brings simplicity and calm to the place in spite of the varied materials that have been used in its construction.


Logenhaus Bar

This bar is located in the city centre of Frankfurt in an impressive villa that is steeped in history, the lodge house (Logenhaus). Upon ringing the bell at the entrance, you will be welcomed by the Master of the Lounge in the Nachtsalon. Its interiors reflect the things that appeal to you from the decades in the past. The sofas, armchairs, tables, bookshelves, lamps, crystal glasses, a grand piano and lovingly selected accessories just invite you to linger, dine (only when booked exclusively) and to make conversation. You can expect 80 different brands of gin, classic cocktails and the bartender’s own creations at the Logenhaus. You can enjoy these at the enchanting bar or in the saloon in the garden which is outdoors in the winding, green backyard of the building. Let yourself be transported to the bygone times of a glamorous bohemian world.


August Pfüller

This fashion boutique is located in the city centre of Frankfurt. It offers you an exclusive selection of the latest fashions for ladies and children as well as bags, shoes, lingerie and accessories that have been sourced from the showrooms and runways of the world’s best brands.


B74 Selected Goods

B74 Selected Goods offers you fashion for men, furniture and accessories. The store’s owner, Kami Hashemi, is continuously on the lookout for qualitatively high class products and it does not matter if they are a pair of jeans, a pair of boots, antique furniture or a hat stand. The owner, presents you with a large selection of well-known brands in a warehouse spread over a staggering 200 square metres in the Berliner Straße no. 74; this place was once a business engaged in painting.



The flagship store of Vitra and the Vitra Home Collection awaits you in Vitrahaus, it was built by Herzog & de Meuron. The latest design products of contemporary designers are displayed here, they will give you inspiration for the design of your own home. The showroom is spread over four floors. On the ground floor, the Lounge Chair studio will provide you with an insight into the production and the perfect craftsmanship of the Vitra classic, the Lounge Chair that was designed by Charles & Ray Eames in 1956.


Städel Museum

The Städel Museum is one of the most important German museums for art. It displays art produced over 700 years under one roof and has a collection of over 4000 paintings. The permanent exhibition is subdivided into the sections of “Old Masters”, “Modern Art” and “Contemporary Art”. Aside from that, many special exhibitions are organised every year which showcase the works of individual artists from its collection and which relate to the particular theme of the exhibition.


Note: These and many more tips designed to give you an unforgettable stay in Frankfurt can be found in the Red Dot Design App.

We wish you lots of fun during your stay in Frankfurt.

Posted on 25.08.2017

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