Utrecht, Netherlands – Designers’ Hotspots

Utrecht, Netherlands – Designers’ Hotspots

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Documentary photography exhibitions, events, talks.


© Mark Kiszely Photography; © Jeroen Dekker Photography

Workspace for silk screen printing with little art shop selling screen prints by local designers.


© Jurjen Drenth / Tourism Utrecht

Lovely shopping and cafe street with vintage shops, hipster cafes. Particularly Puha shop with handmade designer clothing & accessories and Klijs & Boon are worth stopping by.

Rietveld house

© WM Afgekocht / Tourism Utrecht

House designed by Gerrit Rietveld in 1924. Book in advance as they have limited space.


© Watertoren

A cafe on the waterfront at the bottom of an old water tower, but the best thing is the restaurant at the top overlooking the city. Booking a table is wise.

Dom Toren

© Ramon Mosterd / Tourism Utrecht

The famous bell tower of Utrecht. It plays the carillon every Saturday from 11 till noon and you can climb the stairs to the top to view the old city.

Strand West

© Strand West

Design furniture and trinkets, beautiful old building on the canal in the centre of Utrecht. www.strandwest.nl

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Gert Franke, CLEVER°Franke, Utrecht, Netherlands
CLEVER°FRANKE is an interactive design agency focused on information and data visualisation. The studio distinguishes itself by a strong analytical and editorial approach towards the design projects. Together with clients, Clever°Franke aims for a creative and communicative result. Clever°Franke works from content towards a fitting design solution. ‘Beautiful’ design is not the objective. The design should aim to give new, clear insights to content and engage the audience.

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