Design hotels around the world: lodgings with unmistakeable flair

Design hotels around the world: lodgings with unmistakeable flair

Whether you are looking for design hotels in Asia, Africa, Europe, North America or South America, there are numerous exclusive hotels around the world that feature architecture and furnishings which speak the language of the architects and designers who planned them. They are sometimes quirky, sometimes streamlined and sometimes classic with playful details, or simply have a modern design. All of them have one thing in common: their unique nature and individual style, created with an eye for detail.

To make sure you enjoy the best design hotels and their special service on your next trip, our series of articles will introduce you over the coming months to particularly well-executed design hotels on every continent.


Works of art to live in with luxury and comfort

Many design hotels are described as works of art to live in, and many are more than just a hotel that provide rooms for guests to sleep in. They are an expression of their designer and of the zeitgeist of a country or city. Cultural and historical topics are echoed in the architecture and design of the hotels, which is likewise reflected in a stylish interior. They push the envelope on design, designing what makes absolute sense in the eyes of the planner and what also often benefits the environment.

Design hotels set trends and marry luxury with comfort. They are often situated in extraordinary locations or are housed in historical buildings with their very own story and breathe new life into these buildings. It is no longer surprising to see a modern design hotel open in an old factory building or an abandoned brewery. On the contrary, it’s considered very stylish! If the old machines are then repurposed and find a new and different use in the new interior, these new accommodation options can really shine in the style of industrial design. Design hotels are just right for those who simply want to enjoy something futuristic and different.


Design hotels tell many stories

The creative heads behind the hotel projects are seen as the drivers of ground-breaking design and revolutionary hospitality. The hotels tell the stories of the visionaries who wish to make their individual dream come true and help to give the building its originality. With a strong sense of aesthetics and a lot of passion, they bestow a hint of individuality on the lodgings. The location and the corporate philosophy in the area of service also play a decisive role. Only when these criteria are met and the design-conscious 21st-century traveller can be offered such a unique hotel experience is the description as a design hotel justified.

That is one of the criteria that is also authoritative for the renowned Design Hotels™ Group before including a hotel in its ranks. The company has been making a name for itself in the New Luxury segment since 1999. Every year, numerous hotels apply to be included in the online portal frequented by lovers of design. The marketing platform now represents over 270 hotels in more than 50 countries. The members include owner-managed hotels that offer guests an authentic experience thanks to their independent interpretations of luxury and progressive design. One of the most important acceptance criteria is for example the character of the building and the originality of the concept. The portfolio of this company headquartered in Berlin with additional offices in London, Barcelona, New York and Singapore combines the most innovative ideas and concepts of the hotel business and guarantees global nomads inspiration and local lifestyle on their travels.


The individual signature of the boutique hotels

The list of countries where the hotels meet the aforementioned criteria is long but not endless. This is because the term “boutique hotel” is often used in connection with design hotels. This marketing term stems from the USA and originates from the French word boutique, which roughly translates as “small shop” and describes an often smaller and frequently luxurious hotel that is individual and personally managed. The focus of boutique hotels is on a personal design of the architecture together with the interior and external facilities, which are either located in an unusual or a lovingly restored historical building. The service is generally also customised, as these hotels are mostly run by the owner, unlike many hotel chains.


Design hotels worldwide


Asia not only has historical places and diverse nature that contrasts with the glittering metropoles, but also boasts unique design hotels.
Design hotels in Asia


From North Africa to South Africa, you can not only experience palaces, bustling markets or the Big Five, but also the maximum comfort of a hotel rich in character. You can find our selection here: Design hotels in Africa

North America and South America

Seen and bee seen in New York or at the carnival in Rio de Janeiro in Brazil: Relax in beautiful design hotels in North and South America.

Design hotels in the USA

Shortly you will find here further design hotels for the following continents:

Europe (North and South)

Mediterranean flair on the coast, breath-taking mountains or a place in the heart of nature. The large selection of design hotels in Europe will make you want to pack your bags and go.

Design hotels in Northern Europe
Design hotels in Southern Europe – Part 1

Whether you choose a design hotel or a boutique hotel for your trip, you are guaranteed to have an unforgettable stay. You can find further suggestions for exclusive hotels in our magazine under Hotspots or on the go in the Red Dot Design App.


Header image: Klaus K Hotel,  Sky Suite, Helsinki, Finland © Design Hotels™
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Posted on 10.11.2017

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