Design hotels in Africa

Design hotels in Africa

Morocco, the kingdom in Northwest Africa, is the ideal travel destination in winter months due to its location between the Mediterranean Sea and the North Atlantic Ocean. It offers you an optimal mix of city tours and a beach holiday. Your own fairy tale of the 1001 Nights can come true in the stylish hotels in the fascinating and exotic city of Marrakesh. The city will captivate you with its souks and labyrinthine alleys.
The pulsating capital, Nairobi, awaits you in Kenya. The city is situated surrounded by breath-taking landscapes with wild animals and stunningly beautiful beaches. Here, you can actually feel tradition and authenticity even in the lodgings. Further to the South, the huge diversity of the African continent reaches a climax where endless plains, intoxicating and idyllic coastlines, majestic mountain ranges and ancient deserts alternate with each other.

Every house tells a story about its own creation. Decide for yourself, which design hotel fascinates you the most. You can book your favourite hotel at the Design Hotels™ group online at


Design hotel North Africa

AnaYela, Marocco, Marrakesh

A very large, small house. This design hotel, AnaYela, has been awarded the international Soul-Experience Prize at the World Hotel Awards for the fourth time. This exclusive hotel, which has just three rooms and two suites, offers you a large amount of personal space and, above all, a touch of a mystical past. The hotel has a luxuriant courtyard with a heated limestone swimming pool and a terrace with a good view of the historical quarter of Marrakesh. All the rooms and the suites are furnished with king size beds. Two of the rooms have direct access to the swimming pool and also have a bathtub as well as a rain shower. AnaYela is more than just a hotel, it is a complete artwork in itself. This place will evoke and allow inspiring energies and emotions to run free.

Once upon a time, a love story is said to have played out behind the closed doors of AnaYela. In this story, a 16 year old girl met her lover in secret at this place. While the building, which is steeped in history, was being renovated, a manuscript was found which had the introductory words, “I am Yela”. This gave the design hotel its name. One of the best known calligraphers in Morocco has eternalised this love story in silver on the huge doors of the hotel.

This former 300 year old city palace was lovingly restored by the German entrepreneur Bernd Kolb and his wife, Andrea Bury and was transformed into “a place of inspiration”. As the first project for cultural permanence, Kolb has created an opulent boutique hotel, where over 100 artisans have worked using the traditional Moroccan arts and crafts. Together with Andrea Bury and Yannick Hervy, Bernd Kolb has ensured that each piece of the furnishings – right from the lamps, over the opulent decorative pieces and all the way to the crockery and cutlery – have been especially designed and produced without the use of machine-operated tools.

AnaYela 2


Design hotel East Africa

Tribe Hotel, Kenya; Nairobi

The Tribe Hotel has been created in an urban, loft-style design. It has over 137 differently featured rooms and suites, which house a large number of works of art. It also has a collection of about 900 hand-carved artefacts from all over Africa and they are representative of the cultural diversity of this continent. It is situated in the diplomatic neighbourhood of Nairobi. The combination of the dark wooden floors and the warm African colours along with the blinding white, which has also been used, gives this lifestyle hotel that particular touch of authenticity. The Kaya Spa, the well-stocked library, the bar on the roof and the heated pool – surrounded with waterfalls and gardens – cater to the well-being of its guests.

Shanim Ehsani, along with members of his family, opened the doors The Tribe to the public in 2008. This was a confident act at a time of political unrest. In those troubled days, The Tribe was the first new High-End boutique hotel that had been opened in Nairobi in the last 30 years.

Shanim Ehsanis’ uncle, Mehraz, is responsible for the architecture of The Tribe. He has attempted to use as few right angles as possible while designing the hotel. A domed, sun-filled atrium, which is four floors high, connects the guest rooms and the suites. The interiors, which are constructed of granite, marble and thin sheets of slate keep the place comfortably cool. An earthy combination of sandstone and brown-sugar coloured tints, along with the use of authentic raw materials from Kenya, give the building and the rooms that special traditional and luxurious feel. Les Harbottle of the design company, Plan One, executed the design of the interiors. Candelabra and table lamps have been integrated in a clever way so that they provide a harmonious lighting ambience and for continuously changing light effects.

Tribe Hotel 2


Design hotel South Africa

Ten Bompas, South Africa, Johannesburg

There is a small refuge quite close to the bustling centre of Johannesburg. The hotel is a peaceful haven from the hustle and bustle of the city through its pool and the quiet garden which surrounds it. The small, modern suite hotel integrates a comprehensive variety of designs within the sand-coloured business district. Each of the ten customised suites was designed by a different designer. Their styles extend from ethno-African all the way to the contemporary “Johannesburg Design”. While planning these, the challenge was to allow in natural light and to integrate it with the lush background of the garden. The owner, Christoff van Staden, has converted the former private residence, into a new “Home in Africa” which combines adventure and sophistication with the spirit of an explorer.

In 1991, Van Staden’s passion for hotels was ignited. He then procured his first piece of real estate, the Honeyguide Tented Safari Camps. In 1996, he met Peter Aucamp who supported him in converting his family residence into the first boutique hotel in the city. The architectural firm of Luc Zeghers and Associates was responsible for the design. A comfortable, warm and quiet atmosphere was created for the common rooms of the hotel by the interplay of traditional styles and the Edwardian epoch. This mix of culture and functionality is clearly visible in each of the individual suites which casts its spell of a special ambience on you and also through its colour elements which are based on the South African landscape.

Ten Bompas 2


In the next few weeks, we will introduce you to beautiful design hotels in the USA. And if you are interested in Asia, then you can discover more fantastic accommodations for your booking in our review Design hotels in Asia. We wish you an unforgettable stay in design hotels around the world!


Posted on 24.11.2017

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