Berlin-Center, Germany – Designers’ Hotspots

Berlin-Center, Germany - Designers' Hotspots

The once largest construction site in Europe has once again emerged as the hub between East and West, whisking an exquisite mix of culture, history and varied events. Thanks to ...

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Red Dot 21 – Hotspots: tips for trips by designers

In the “Hotspots” section of the Red Dot 21 magazine, international designers and studios share exclusive insider information on their home town to make your visits memorable. The idea behind this series of articles is that people from the creative sector – designers, artists or ad people – often have a wide range of interests. They visit museums and galleries for inspiration, they observe what is trendy in the town where they live, are interested in the décor as well as the food in a restaurant that has just opened and, in general, have a good eye for something special, something out of the ordinary. Is that a cliché? Well, only to a certain extent, because it is part of being a designer to follow the “zeitgeist” and track down the latest trends.

Insider tips from design professionals for design enthusiasts

Many designers are well informed about what is going on in their town or what is worth seeing and want to follow the “zeitgeist” and track down the latest trends. That’s why we often ask award winners and members of the Red Dot Design Award jury to tell us about their favourite haunts in the town where they live or work. That could be hotels, restaurants or cafés, or even clubs, parks, galleries and places of interest, as well as markets or special shops that will make the hearts of design enthusiasts beat a little faster. We publish these insider tips here in the magazine area and also present the design personalities or agencies responsible for them.

So, if you are planning a visit to a town or city, are going on a business trip, or would like to discover your own town anew, it is worth taking a look at our “Designers’ Hotspots”. Perhaps you will find some tips on your destination. By the way, all the hotspots and designer routes are also included in the Red Dot Design App and are integrated into the Red Dot Maps. You can use the designers’ tips to plan your own route for exploring a town or you can simply adopt the designers’ own day- or night-trip recommendations. On top of all this, you can use the Red Dot Maps function to discover what hotspots or other design locations are in your neighbourhood. We hope you will have a lot of fun discovering these special places.