Typo Berlin 2017 “wanderlust”

Typo Berlin, the largest European conference for visual communication, will take place from 25 to 27 May 2017 under the motto “wanderlust”. This year, the creative scene ─ including designers, professors, scientists, artists and journalists ─ will convene in Berlin’s Haus der Kulturen. Visitors and speakers will attend from all over the globe to understand the transformation processes of our time and to discuss these together. For three days, more than 60 presentations as well as numerous workshops, interviews, films and discussions on five stages will transform the capital city into one of the world’s most important creative locations, a real playground for communication professionals as well as those starting out on their professional career.

The topics dealt with are geared to digital communication, mobility and virtuality. The talks will cover everything related to font, typography and design: from product design to information design, digital or print design to photography and illustration. This year once again the event will feature international top names in the industry, such as David Carson, Chip Kidd, Stefan Sagmeister, Neville Brody, but also Gemma O’Brien, Erik Kessels, Jessica Hische and Martina Flor.

Digital world of work: A blessing or a curse?

The Typo Berlin will examine the distractions created by the digital world of work that influence us, positively and negatively. Using creative digital tools also means allowing oneself to be distracted a little, to take side-roads, something that can be thoroughly inspiring. But the more we optimise digital products, the greater the risk that we will lose sight of the objective, namely the person. All the more important and therapeutic it is for us then to take a step back now and then and to be distracted. That’s according to Jürgen Siebert, Programme Director of Typo. He also argued that a creative industry that does not enrich the lives of people is blind in one eye.

Creative event for communication provides food for thought

Typo Berlin is more than a conference, it’s a creative event for communication that aims to provide food for thought. The topics dealt with include the great transformations of our time, based on flexibility, agility and diversity. They encompass social values and community strategies that can be used for the development of own innovation potential. The whole point is to step outside one’s comfort zone occasionally, to broaden one’s horizons and get to grips with new structures. Well-known industry figures such as Erik Spiekermann, who has worked around the globe for high-profile brands like Nokia, Bosch, VW and Deutsche Bahn, will explore the topic of the conference from a personal perspective, looking back at his wanderings between the analogue and digital worlds since 1984, which always motivated him to incorporate newly gained insights into his works.

Communication design a topic for discussion at Typo for 22 years now

Based on the effective laws of good communication design, technical innovations and personal ideas, there is space at the Typo for talking. For 22 years now, the creative event has featured a different motto each year. Since the first Typo Berlin in 1995, it has remained true to its interdisciplinary gearing. The number of participants has since risen to 1,500, and the list of respected speakers grows from year to year. Since 2011 the Typo has also been taking place in London and San Francisco, also meeting with increasing acceptance beyond European borders.
The motto of this year’s conference, “wanderlust”, is interpreted by Jürgen Siebert as a movement that is responsible for “moving forward” in the truest sense of the words.
With a new programme feature called “Brand Talks”, brands and agencies will take over the stage together for the first time and speak about current communication tasks. It is entirely irrelevant whether the task was resolved successfully or whether it even failed.

Visiting the designer hotspot Berlin

Berlin is trendy, Berlin is hip and an absolute designer hotspot that is worth a visit even apart from Typo Berlin. Plan your visit to Berlin with the Red Dot Design App to follow in the footsteps of well-known designers, find trendsetting showrooms and discover the cultural highlights. The app will also show you what interesting events are taking place nearby as well as the award-winning restaurants or hotels you shouldn’t miss when visiting Berlin.


Posted on 23.05.2017

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