International Motor Show 2017 in Geneva

International Motor Show 2017 in Geneva

Design smiths introduce world premieres

The International Motor Show 2017 is an annual event that showcases the new innovations of automobile designers and design studios. The large auto brands present their sports cars and small cars – often with an emphasis on high PS, but also sometimes boldly minimalistic. With its new Aventador S model, Lamborghini is focusing on more performance and four-wheel steering, while the smaller Huracan shines as the lightweight version Huracan Superleggera. The new Alpina B5 generation will also be on show at the Geneva auto salon as a sedan and a touring version.

The small cars featured at the show will include the new Ford Fiesta series and the new Kia Picanto and Suzuki Swift models, while the Toyota Yaris will show off its new facelift and 210 PS sport version. German manufacturers will feature with three new models from VW and one from Opel. There will also be surprises with further developments in model ranges from BMW, Porsche, Mc Laren, Pagani, Renault, Toyota and Volvo.

Vehicle design makes history at the Geneva auto salon

For more than 100 years, the history of vehicle design has been rewritten and gradually revolutionised at the Geneva auto salon. Vehicles with alternative drive systems are gaining in significance, surprising audiences with their astounding creativity. Almost all well-known manufacturers are presenting the newest models with electric and fuel cells or as hybrid cars. Visitors can test drive various electric cars and hydrogen cars in the Green Pavilion at the motor show 2017 in Geneva. Another hot topic at the motor show that has become more and more established in recent years is the connectivity of vehicles, which is devoted to seamlessly connecting the driver with the outside world. The innovations presented place a focus on interconnected cars, thus reflecting the constant progress in the field of automobile development. The interior of the vehicles is seen as an interactive and three-dimensional user interface. Year after year, the industry proves its strong adaptive skills, meeting the demands of discerning customers. New models paired with a wealth of technological inventiveness win over a new audience comprising end users and manufacturers and importers alike.

Automobile design is interpreted as brand design

Many companies interpret today’s automobile design – the aesthetic development of the models – as pure brand design.  Each vehicle is viewed as an ambassador for the respective brand. This means that manufacturers are posed one of the biggest challenges of their time: They have to highlight the specific aspects of the brand and its claim, and must use design to make this tangible for the customer over and over again. So it’s no wonder that the language of form of the new cars aims to separate them from their competitors through extravagant features.

As a result, many of us feel that the design of modern vehicles with alternative drive systems is foreign, because we are attached to conventional vehicle shapes. It is worth considering in this regard whether new technology really always needs a completely overhauled design. In any case, there is still a way to go to reach consumer acceptance.

Exciting design locations in Geneva

Combine your visit to the motor show 2017 in Geneva with a voyage of discovery through the fabulous city between the Alps foothills and the Jura. Find out beforehand what showrooms of well-known designers and brands the city has to offer. Plan your own designer route in Geneva by using the
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Posted on 09.02.2017

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