Medica 2017: The leading trade fair for medicine

Medica 2017: The leading trade fair for medicine

Medica 2017, the world’s largest trade fair for the medical sector, will take place at Düsseldorf from the 13 to 16 November. National and international experts along with prominent personalities from politics, commerce and research will enrich the event through their presence.

Medica, which is the World Forum for Medicine, has been casting a spell on its national and international trade visitors for 40 years. Aside from a huge exhibition of the latest products, devices and systems for ambulatory and stationary care, the trade fair offers six forums, which are free of cost and which are spread over the exhibition halls. Aside from those, entry tickets can be purchased for various conferences such as the 40th German Hospital Conference (13th to 16th November), the European Hospital Conference (16th November), the Medica Medicine + Sports Conference (14th to 15th November), the Medica Physio Conference (15th to 16th November) and the Medica Academi (13th to 16th November).


Preparing for the World Forum for Medicine

Medica operating room

One who would like to visit Medica 2017 in Düsseldorf should not only keep those dates free, but should also plan one‘s entire stay there. As the trade fair has a large amount of diversity, it is recommended that you cast a glance at the exhibitors, the dates and the additional events, before your visit. In order to avoid long waiting periods in queues, the tickets for entry, the conferences and a voucher for the catalogue can be procured in advance online. The e-ticket also entitles you to a free ride to the trade fair grounds, as it is also a VRR (Rhine-Ruhr Public Transportation Union) and VRS (Rhine-Sieg Transport Authority) ticket. A visitor, who is not a resident of Düsseldorf, should also schedule his or her journey in advance. The hotel must also be booked well in time and possibly, a suitable airline ticket. Finding your way around the trade fair grounds will not be a problem with the Medica app or a printout of the site plan.


Who will visit Medica 2017?

Medica visitor

The world’s largest trade fair for medical technology, health and medical research is only visited by experts. The target group for visitors are doctors, therapists and nursing staff as well as people associated with the trade in medical products and the medical industry. They take advantage of this trade fair to meet new business partners or to make new contacts. They get to know of new products, which have been developed nationally or internationally, and also exchange their experiences with each other. Medica 2017, with exhibitors from 120 countries and from all continents, offers you a broad spectrum of new innovations in the medical sector and nothing can top that.


Information and discussions define the forums

Medica Forum

One who does not only want to see innovations, but is looking for the exchange of experiences and discussions with people with the same interests, can take part in a forum discussion. Podium discussions and special shows on new insights and technologies broaden your own horizon and help in clarifying the diversity of medical possibilities. From the Connected Healthcare Forum through the T5 Career Forum and up to the Medica Wound and Care Forum, the exchange of thoughts and findings extends to the most diverse themes connected to health, medicine and (digital) medical technology. Besides medical technology and the care of wounds, the subjects cover networked and mobile healthcare and career planning in the medical sector.


With the Medica app, you have the fair in your pocket

Through the fee Medica app, which is available in German and English, your visit to the medical trade fair can be organised perfectly. Once you have downloaded the app, you can carry out a search for exhibitors and products offline, as well. Through just a single touch, you will be able to look into the individual halls and, with the continuous zoom, you can also see the stands with their products and offerings. Aside from that, the app provides you with an event search function and an interactive site plan. It informs you about the news with regard to the trade fair and the exhibitors and will even give you an overview of other exhibitions in Düsseldorf.


Information and useful facts regarding Medica 2017

Medica stand

One who does not want to get a large quantity of information, but is only looking for a particular exhibitor or a particular brand, can get that information online, in advance. At the website of the medical trade fair (, there is an exhibitor’s directory, arranged from A to Z, for your use. The directory includes the name, country of origin of the company and the location. Aside from that, a list of exhibitors and brands can be called up with the country of origin and the hall along with the stand number, where that particular brand can be found.

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Posted on 14.09.2017

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