Caravan Salon Düsseldorf 2017

Caravan Salon Düsseldorf 2017

Over eight days, from 26 August to 3 September 2017, Düsseldorf will once again become the hub of the international caravaning industry. More than 600 exhibitors, including over 130 caravan and motor home brands, will be presenting this year at the industry’s leading trade fair, Caravan Salon Düsseldorf. Trade visitors and media representatives can get a sneak preview of the latest developments and trends in leisure vehicles one day beforehand, on 25 August. In 13 halls and over a space of 214,000 square metres, the trade fair will introduce not only more than 2,100 vehicles but also the matching camping accessories, caravaning technology and components.

The caravaning industry is booming

The figures published in the run-up to the fair on exhibitors, vehicles and halls are an indication that the industry is doing well. This is a fair assessment, as the start of summer holidays in the Northern Hemisphere in the coming days will once again see motor homes and caravans trundling along the roads or parked loftily in the nicest corners of the globe. Up until the 1990s, the owners could be sure to meet with contempt from all those who overtook them on the motorway, leaving them for dust with a shake of their heads at what they considered the mobile petit bourgeoisie. In recent years, however, this view has changed fundamentally. Caravans and motor homes are now extremely popular again. Based on information from industry association CIVD, which represents a large share of the European caravaning industry, the production of motor homes in Germany in particular has been going from strength to strength in recent years. From 2015 to 2016 alone, motor home production grew by 23.4%. Production of caravans was also up 15% on the prior-year level. Almost 580,000 new leisure vehicles were registered in 2015 worldwide – mostly in North America (64.6%), followed by Europe (26.5%).

Shaking off the old-fashioned image

The image of mobile holiday homes has transformed completely and there are presumably many reasons why the industry is enjoying growing popularity. On the one hand, globalisation and the digital age have helped make us more open to new experiences as well as more mobile in general. This has allowed us to see the attractiveness of a form of travel that allows us ultimate freedom of movement combined with the high level of comfort of a mobile apartment. On the other hand, at least one potential target group is constantly growing. These are the well-off pensioners who nowadays are still fit and adventurous well into their old age and at the same time have the necessary cash to buy a caravan or mobile home.

And there is yet another factor, for which the caravaning industry is itself responsible: namely shaking off its slightly old-fashioned image. There are more and more caravans and motor homes that were well designed both inside and out and are presented as luxury vehicles – something they have been for a long time in terms of their price. At the same time there are many more reasonably priced, interesting and contemporary models geared to younger target groups and families.

From the entry-level product to the luxury model

With 2,100 vehicles on show with different brands, types and layouts, the range of leisure vehicles that visitors can inspect is huge. The enormous luxury vehicles have a special appeal, often fitted out in line with precise customer specifications and offering every conceivable finishing touch. By contrast, first-time buyers are often interested in especially compact models that are more reasonably priced and can also be used on a day-to-day basis. Between these two extremes, Caravan Salon offers something to discover for every taste: from young families to travel-mad couples, adventurous pensioners and weekend permanent campers or those driven by wanderlust. And there is also a large range of travel destinations and camping grounds for each of these groups, with information available from the tourism providers and associations represented at Caravan Salon.

Upgrading your “mobile home”

According to the organiser, two of the main trends for Caravan Salon Düsseldorf 2017 will be “comfort” and “connectivity”. Comfort is increasing through the use of innovative materials and extensive equipment. Technical components such as driver assistance systems, electronic tools and connected products provide more security and simpler handling of these complex machines. For example, leisure vehicles now also offer the possibility of controlling heating, air conditioning and water supply centrally and via app, or for example viewing the levels of the water tank etc. on a smartphone.

In addition, the trade fair also features all of the usual possibilities for equipping and upgrading – replacement parts, installations, technology, awnings and car roof tents, caravaning and camping accessories. The latter are also available for sale directly (Hall 7a).

More information (schedule of events, list of exhibitors, hall plan etc.) is available at

Posted on 20.07.2017

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