From idea to form – Domeau & Pérès
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From idea to form - Domeau & Pérès

Since 18 May and until 14 October 2018 the Kaiser Wilhelm Museum in Krefeld will display the exhibition “From idea to form - Domeau & Pérès". With the exhibition, the ...

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Red Dot 21 – Exhibitions, events & fairs that focus on design

In a suitably section on Red Dot 21, we give you an overview of the most important and interesting exhibitions, trade fairs and events that focus on design. Here, you’ll find information on dates and locations of relevant trade fairs, present the hot topics of the year and reveal what you really shouldn’t miss. That includes fringe programmes both on and off trade fair sites and we pinpoint the most exciting events that are associated with these trade fairs. From informal champagne receptions to informative press conference and career days for talented youngsters, trade fairs from a wide range of different industry sectors offer events that make for a welcome change from just visiting the trade fair stands. Due to the constantly growing number of events, it makes sense to plan trade fair visits well in advance and to add appointments and timings to your personal calendar.

Organisers and exhibitors are increasingly enabling an interactive exchange between experts, manufacturers, designers and consumers with the help of interesting panel discussions, workshops and presentations. Quite often, they invite high-level speakers and renowned specialists from all over the world to take part. These presenters act like magnets and ensure rising visitor numbers. Those who want to take part therefore often have to register well in advance and certainly in time, as participant numbers are generally limited. At many trade fairs, a distinction is furthermore often made between professionals and consumers. Some visitor days may be reserved exclusively for trade visitors. These are generally at the start of the respective trade fair, whereas the gates are opened to the general public at the weekend.

Exhibitions and events for design enthusiasts

There are many permanent and many regularly occurring, temporary exhibitions around the world that attract design enthusiasts and appeal with their tremendous diversity. These include small studios and galleries with a superb selection of contemporary art, cultural exhibitions with unique exhibits or design products as well as the Red Dot Design Museum Essen, whose special exhibitions we regularly report on in this category. The museum shows approximately 2.000 innovative and beautifully design objects from everyday life from roughly 45 countries. They trace the development of product design and show how design has evolved over the years.

Regardless of whether they are large or small exhibitions or events, they all have their own individual charm, and appeal to different target groups. However, if you don’t spend much time in a certain sector or scene, you often won’t hear of many of these exhibitions and events, because they are of little interest to the media. Yet is it often particularly the smaller exhibitions that want to convey a message and want to let society share in in what is displayed. Furthermore, there are events that, through the choice of the location, allow people to have an all-round experience. Don’t miss out on anything. See for yourself which unusual exhibitions, trade fairs and events you should spend time discovering, so that you can make a note of important dates in your calendar today.