The standard work in the field of communication design

The standard work in the field of communication design

The book “Corporate Identity & Corporate Design” from Stuttgart-based publisher av edition is an indispensable standard work for communication designers. The compendium is now available in its third edition in updated and supplemented form.

When “Corporate Identity & Corporate Design” was first published in 1997, it quickly became a popular handbook and reference work. Since then, the publication has become essential in agencies, the offices of self-employed designers and on the desks of design students. The second edition in 2003 was also soon snapped up, so Stuttgart-based publishing house av edition published the third edition of the popular reference work four years ago. The third edition was an updated and supplemented version rather than a reprint. This is because, as editors Petra Kiedaisch and Norbert W. Daldrop say in their preface, the strategies and measures in the area of corporate identity and corporate design changed dramatically after 2007. Digitisation and the growing influence of social media has led to a fundamental shift in brand communication, placing the role of the customer more and more at the heart of matters.

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Overview of the latest developments in brand communication

The new edition boasts a tried-and-tested clear structure that breaks down into the sections “Opinions” and “Tools”. In the introduction, editor Matthias Beyrow provides a glossary of technical terms and introduces various terms such as corporate design and corporate identity. This part offers a good introduction to the topic, even for newcomers. The first contribution in “Opinions” is from graphic designer Florian Pfeffer. In “Das neue Normal” (‘The new normal’), he examines how brands and identities are created in an era of a new reality of social and economic as well as technological transition. Jochen Rädeker from Strichpunkt is up next, with his view that designers are no longer there to create beautiful objects but to convey a stance.

In response to the most recent developments in brand communication, the third edition not only supplements the contributions mentioned, but also adds topics like “live communication”. In addition, the order of the texts has been changed to reflect current topics. For example, the channels that make a brand tangible for consumers directly are given special emphasis within communication design. Furthermore, contributions already published have been updated by their authors.

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Popular guide through specialist texts by respected authors

“Corporate Identity & Corporate Design” is a handbook with trenchant texts that offer an excellent overview of current requirements and topics while at the same time providing practical advice for implementation. Numerous literature references and bibliography sources provide ample scope for anyone who wants to look deeper into individual aspects. Last but not least, this publication benefits from highly respected authors who are experts in their field. The impressive list includes Armin Angerer, Ruedi Baur, Uwe R. Brückner, Regine Henkel, Thomas Manss, Paul Paulousek, Jürgen R. Schmid, Erik Spiekermann, Wolfgang Strack and Andreas Uebel.

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About Stuttgart-based publisher av edition

The publishing company was founded in Stuttgart in 1992 by Norbert W. Daldrop and is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year. The offering focuses on interdisciplinary design areas such as interior and exhibition architecture, scenography, communication in space, product and communication design. The books meet with enthusiasm from professionals and design fans alike, who are attracted by the wide range of publication types on offer – from introductory books to yearbooks and handbooks as well as excellent coffee-table books and monographs. Milestones in the history of the publisher include the publication of the first CD-ROMs on star architects Le Corbusier, Richard Meyer and Aldo Rossi in 1997 as well as the book with works by engineer and architect Werner Sobek in 2004. Because most of the publications are sold internationally in German and in English, they reach a large audience worldwide. The publishing company has now extended its distribution network to 140 countries. Designer and Red Dot jury member Werner Aisslinger is just one of the publisher’s high-profile authors.

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Posted on 20.09.2017

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