Fireplaces: Cutting edge ideas for the garden

Fireplaces: Cutting edge ideas for the garden

Based on various concepts, renowned garden designer and author Lars Weigelt together with Folko Kullmann conveys how well fire and garden harmonise with one another in the book “Fireplaces”. The issue published by Becker Jost Volk Verlag provides a representative overview and its strong imagery and well-versed content persuades you to work in the same direction with your own garden.


Fascination with fire

The element of fire goes back a long way: The prehistoric use of fire dates million years back and began with the taming of wildfires. Our ancestors learned to use the fire to cook meat or preserve it by carefully ventilating and supressing the smoke. At the same time, fire offered warmth and light, and protection from predators. Fire has also played a central role in the Greek mythology and is said to be of great significance in different religions even today, which is tainted with both positive and sometimes negative shades. Since time immemorial, fire has allured us with an appeal so magical that we cannot resist it. The archaic-purist element means adventure, since it is not completely free of danger – which makes it particularly attractive and exciting. It is a source of regalement, light and warmth all in one which makes it not just comfortable, but also useful.


Mobile fireplaces

Mobile fireplaces, such as an artfully forged fire basket filled with logs, provide for an idyllic evening atmosphere in your home garden. They offer the maximum degree of flexibility and usually require no permissions. However, there are a few basic things to keep in mind when using mobile fireplaces, such as standing on a fire-resistant floor area or choosing a spot sheltered from the wind as mentioned in the book. The issue shows several successful examples in which the mobile fireplaces in the garden are demonstrated to the tee – as is the gas-powered single-unit made of concrete, which can be seen up here in the picture and in the first chapter of the book. It is located in a rooftop garden in the Pacific Heights designed by garden architect Monica Viarengo.


Immobile fireplaces

Lars Weigelt dedicates the second chapter of the book to the bigger whole of the ensemble, i.e. the immobile fireplaces in the garden. They need more space and a carefully thought-out location. If you often like to sit by the fire and enjoy the garden to the fullest extent, it is a good idea to embed or integrate a seating area by the fireplace in the patio. A wall with a built-in fireplace, which seems to merge with the garden terrace, can become a staging area with the backdrop of fire, creating a cosy atmosphere and air of inspiration. Compact freestanding patio fireplaces have similar effect. As another example, a bespoke unit made of concrete, equipped with integrated wood storage and a combustion chamber is shown in a tiled look, which together with illuminated hornbeam and a screening fence makes for the functional reference point and visual feature of the garden space (see picture above). The same effect can be achieved when the patio fireplace is perceptibly placed as a room divider, giving the terrace the ultimate viewpoint, as shown on page 146. The versatile ideas shown in “Fireplaces” serve as an inspiration helping you find an individual solution for a remarkable fireplace in your garden.



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Posted on 28.06.2018

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