Design gardens for small budget

Design gardens for small budget

The renowned author of gardening books and garden designer Lars Weigelt presents you his book “Design gardens for small budgets” that was published in german language last year by Becker Jost Volk Verlag. What motivates this laureate of landscape management from Dresden is his intention of not losing sight of the big picture and fusing holistic sustainability with contemporary design language. With wit and dedication, he imparts his gardening expertise through magazine articles and gardening books. With the help of 280 photos, the book shows before-and-after examples of modern gardens in 216 pages and demonstrates how a simple garden can be turned into a design garden.


Refined garden ideas

A new idea is often born with just the right amount of food for thought. “Design gardens for small budgets” presents you sophisticated garden ideas that can be realised with small budget. It doesn’t take more than personal work effort and consistent planning. The financial expenditure cannot just be assessed better, but can also be significantly minimised only when the work is appropriately timed and the creativity is purposefully navigated. All you need is a little head, some manual skill and a bit of patience. It’s all about staying realistic, not getting too ahead of ourselves and keeping an eye on your everyday gardening. First of all, ask yourself, exactly how often do you use your garden? In which areas of the garden do you spend most of your time? Maybe right next to the fence, mostly under the tree or just on the terrace? Answering the questions helps with self-assessment and gives you an overview of the areas of garden, where you should invest according to your personal preferences.


Complex remodelling of 12 gardens

For this successful book project, author Lars Weigelt redesigned the gardens of twelve homeowners and accomplished great transformation. The challenge was to implement a complex remodelling of the gardens with a small budget of up to € 10,000. Garden furniture was out of the question with the available amount of money. The result speaks for itself. Although the budget limit could not be met by any garden, it was below the usual cost of redesigning in these dimensions. The useful and recreational value of the gardens could be increased simultaneously as you take additional efforts at reducing the maintenance expenditure, improving the screening fence and implementing customised detailed solutions. Practical barbecue area and a design-oriented housing of garbage cans and bicycles was also created, for instance.


The way to your dream garden

The practical texts and plans in the book are full of important tips and questions on aesthetics as well as functional details for a wide range of tasks. The garden ideas, which are each tailored to the garden reports, further enrich the book‘s stylistic and functional variety of design options. They show that the path to your dream garden does not go as per any stereotype. The book is a bubbling cauldron of ideas and offers an overview of efforts, expenditure and the aesthetic impact of individual measures in comprehensible pictures, for anyone who wants to redevelop or redesign their own garden. With this read, you have good chances of turning your garden into a pleasant oasis of wellness with individual and modern charm.

Happy blooming and a have lot of fun realising your personal design garden!

Design gardens for small budget*

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Posted on 29.03.2018

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