Boutique Homes

Boutique Homes

This interactive illustrated book from the av edition publishing house presents a curated collection of over 60 uniquely designed Boutique Homes. They have been painstakingly compiled by the founders of the brand with the same name. With its over 500 breathtaking photographs, the volume brings to light the excellent architecture and design of extraordinary hideaways, which can be listed under the “Best of” examples of successful buildings.

The various chapters extend from chic to historic and over to reasonably priced and family friendly and they cover the most varied types of residential units. Beach houses and those located on cliffs alternate with modern, timeless and classically designed houses – and they reflect the diversity that is available across the world, perfectly. All the houses that are presented are available for rent, however they are not associated with any holiday home chain. So, one who is looking for an extraordinary place to stay at a special location will certainly find the right place here. Together with the additional app, this illustrated book is an exciting, almost glamorous source of inspiration for places to get away to – places of refuge that you certainly should not miss going to.

Photo by Tom de Gay


Looking for the best boutique homes in the world

The publishers of Boutique Homes have searched the whole world, for eight long years, for special pearls of architecture and have finally found them. Their cooperation with the Stuttgart publishing house, av edition, was instrumental in completing this impressive publication, which can already be considered a precursor to a design standard for holiday homes. A well-sorted selection of properties, private houses and all the way to small hotels form the basis for Boutique Homes. They are presented in a clear way as an illustrated travel guidebook for lovers of design. All the Boutique Homes presented possess an original design, a striking location and offer an unique experience to the traveller, who is looking for a relaxing holiday.

It was 2008, when Veronique Lievre and Heinz Legler were still under the impression that there were no more residences available, which could come up to their expectations. Up to that time, their conceptions of style and aesthetics had not been satisfied anywhere in the world. The search was arduous, time consuming and also partly frustrating. Their luck then changed in the last few years. Also, the mores of society had changed in the meantime. More and more house owners were willing to make their house or apartment available to strangers. Where, earlier, it was considered unimaginable to allow a strange person to sleep in your bed, nowadays, in the age of global players such as Google, Expedia and Air BnB, it is considered more than normal to rent your own home to those strangers. The holiday home business has undergone radical change thanks to the so-called “sharing economy”, which is closely interlinked with the internet. It is now considered to be an easy and additional source of income, which is quite attractive to many home owners.

Photo by Frederick Vercruysse


A new hospitality concept

However, for many home owners, it is not about the money. It is much more about the idea of doing someone a favour and the sympathy that the owners have, which makes them allow strangers to experience something nice in their own city. To be able to delve into the daily life of the inhabitants who live in that city is what really interests travellers. Their curiosity can now be satisfied thanks to the large number of offers available. Many private residences are now available to the masses. New terms such as “holiday architecture” and “living architecture” have resulted in the provision of new, cool and stylish residences to holiday makers.

Boutique Homes is also a kind of a document, which shows the growth of friendship and hospitality towards travellers regarding their needs for places to stay. It shows the best of this new hospitality concept and also presents you with a choice selection of residences, which still have that something special to offer. It is for you that Veronique Lievre and Heinz Legler are always in search of that indefinable quantity that lovers of design and style are looking for in their travels.

Photo by Michael Heinrich


Print and digital: coffee-table book with augmented reality

This publication also works with augmented reality and is offered together with the free of cost Cool Escapes Boutique Homes App (iOS 10.0 required, compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch). After the installation of the English language app, you only need to select the “Interactive” function and to hold your smartphone’s camera over a picture in the book. You will then automatically be forwarded to the respective page of the holiday home in the app. There you will be able to see additional videos and picture galleries and related websites.

We wish you lots of fun while discovering Boutique Homes!

Boutique Homes*

Posted on 12.01.2018

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