Books as a gift for a literary Christmas

Books as a gift for a literary Christmas

In that case, you are at just the right place with Red Dot 21. We took a comprehensive look around at the Frankfurt Book Fair this year and discovered several new books, which bookworms will just not want to or be able to miss reading.

How about some impressive illustrated books, extraordinary publications or guidebooks to happily leaf through, get inspiration from and to obtain information about the most varied subjects? From gastronomy to interior design and adventure under the stars, all the way to city residences in the metropoles across the world, all of these will give you loads of pleasure and are also eminently suited as Christmas presents.


Bohemian Residence
Metropolitan Apartments and Interior Design

Bohemian Residence Metropolitan Apartments and Interior Design

This publication presents to you elegant apartments and city residences in the world’s metropoles over 272 pages. Cities, with their many varied types of living spaces, are becoming more and more attractive as places to reside in. It is not only the buildings, which are different from each other, but the interior designs that nowadays could also not be any less different. From the comfortable apartment to modern housing complexes and extending to historical buildings – all of them allow their residents to have adequate free space to allow their ideas to bloom fully. It is not only the buildings, but their surroundings, which also give inspiration for the furnishings and the complete interior design. It may be the elegant interior of a French city residence, the bold furnishings of a Milanese apartment or the stylish restraint of a Berlin residence from the Gründerzeit. The residences, so beautifully pictured here, show how one can live tastefully in the middle of a city. Bohemian Residence also presents a portrait of the residents and the designers and so, it becomes a contemporary style guide of urban architecture which just invites you get inspired by it.

Bohemian Residence*


New Interiors for Restaurants and Cafés

Appetizer New Interiors for Restaurants and Cafés

In Appetizer, all those who love to go out and satisfy their hunger for the visual in this manner, will find a lot of inspiration. Harmonious concepts for rooms are implemented through unusual and edgy ideas and materials. Over 272 pages, experts show, how one can design rooms that provide for an exceptional experience in the gastronomical field. The book also illustrates how to develop striking room concepts for those who love to discover new restaurants, bars and cafes. Architects and gastronomes have to be very inventive in order to make going out an exciting experience. With a clear vision for the essential, coordinated with the menu and the particular concept, chic bars, tastefully decorated restaurants, relaxing cafes and mobile food-trucks are being set up all over the world. Appetizer has a comprehensive collection of all the new trends, astonishing concepts and playful designs – all the way from pastel colours, photo wallpapers and indoor jungles, over curved couches and all the way to gold accents and gaudy decorations. Just the right stuff for all aficionados of the gastronomical scene.



Below Zero

Adventures out Cold

Below Zero

Below Zero is a particularly extraordinary publication dedicated to the breathtaking beauty of ice. Over 256 pages of adventure, it shows everything which is just waiting to be discovered when the temperature falls below zero. The low temperatures allow you to indulge in a variety of activities that are out of the ordinary such as snowshoeing, kiting on frozen lakes, dog sled racing, ice fishing, climbing up frozen waterfalls or even spending the night in an ice hotel. Through Below Zero, you will discover what you can do away from crowded ski slopes. This book is particularly suited to those, who are not scared of winter and would like to make the best use of it.

Below Zero*


Fashion Designers A-Z

Fashion Designers A-Z

Fashion Designers A-Z has been published for the collection exhibited at the museum in the New Yorker Fashion Institute of Technology. The book introduces you to the most important fashion designers of the last 100 years. Over 648 pages, photos of more than 500 carefully selected garments are presented, which form part of the permanent exhibits. From exquisitely embroidered, velvet evening dresses to minimalist chic in the Mondrian style, the individual pieces have not only been chosen because of their beauty, but also as they are representative of the signature of the immortal designers who have created them. Garments created by Azzedine Alaïa, Cristóbal Balenciaga and Coco Chanel all the way to Alexander McQueen, Yves Saint Laurent and Vivienne Westwood; all of them tell their own story. The texts, written by the museum’s curators, offer explanations regarding the importance of the chosen designs and why they are significant for the history of fashion. In addition, introductory essays in the context of research into fashion by Suzy Menkes and the Director of the museum, Valerie Steele, give you an overview of the history of the museum at the Fashion Institute of Technology.

Fashion Designers A-Z*


Tree Houses

Tree Houses

Tree Houses is a charmingly illustrated 352 page compilation of tree houses.  It offers you a tour to the most visionary, most comfortable and the craziest contemporary ones. 50 very different tree houses from all across the world are presented in the book – from the romantic all the way to the functional and futuristic. It doesn’t matter whether it is a tea house, a restaurant or even a complete hotel, almost every category of construction can be built high above the ground, whether as a playground for children, a refuge for a weekend for two or a platform for meditation. In the age of growing environmental consciousness, the tree house becomes a symbol for being in harmony with nature and, at the same time, also a symbol for freedom. Some of the tree houses that are presented have been designed by renowned architects and others by simple craftsmen. There are several photographs of the inside and the outside of all the tree houses as well as a specially created illustration by the Californian artist, Patrick Hruby, for this volume. He has also designed the cover of this extraordinary book.

Tree Houses*


Presenting books made easy: You can find these and many other publications in the Books category as well as in the Design & lifestyle trends category in our magazine section. We wish you a lot of fun while giving and reading!


Posted on 13.12.2017

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