Wanderlust – Hiking on Legendary Trails

Wanderlust – Hiking on Legendary Trails

The nicest short and long-distance hiking paths are gathered in the impressive book “Wanderlust”. A must for seasoned and would-be hikers alike by Gestalten publisher. Hiking or wandering as a form of travel and transport has a century-long tradition based on lots of different motivations. Nowadays hiking is a popular leisure activity that appeals to young and old alike. The idea of hiking as being just for old people has long since been abandoned. This has been helped among other things by the growing desire for an intensive experience of nature away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and the numerous, impressive experiences that experienced hikers share with the world through social media, awakening the desire in many people to get outside and discover the world on foot.

“I love to hike. I love to travel. Whenever possible I combine the two”. That’s how US-based Cam Honan describes himself on his website “The Hiking Life”. On his website, he collects his stories about his travels and hikes, shares his experiences and gives useful tips on his passion that has been driving him around the globe for the past two decades. “Backpacker Magazine” has even called him “the most travelled hiker on earth”.

Impressive pictures of breathtaking landscapes

This makes Cam Honan the ideal author of a book like “Wanderlust”, published by Berlin-based publisher Gestalten. The publication is a wonderful combination of an informative guidebook and an inviting coffee table book. The hiking trails are captured in inspiring landscape images that will make everyone from leisure hikers to seasoned trekkers want to grab their boots and go. The images include photos of trails such as the ‘Malerweg’ or Painter’s Path in Germany’s Elbe Sandstone Mountains or the far-flung Salkantay Trail in Peru. The Canyon Trail in the USA or the pilgrim trail on the holy Kumano Kodo in Japan are likewise presented with spectacular photos.

Useful information and tips for your own trip

Each hiking trail is personally introduced with lots of knowledge based on Cam Honan’s many years of experience. The texts are a good mix of a trail description, the historical significance of the trail as well as personal highlights and accurate summaries. Honan describes the ‘Malerweg’ or Painter’s Path as one of the loveliest hiking trails in Europe. For the Salkantay Trek, he recommends camping near to an old Incan place of worship: “From it, the views towards the slopes of Machu Picchu are striking—making it the ideal spot to stay on the penultimate night of a trek.” In addition, an overview page provides a map of the hiking trail and summarises the most important details again under the headings “Background”, “Good to know”, “Helpful Hints” and “Flora & Fauna”.

On each of its 256 pages, “Wanderlust” will inspire you to rediscover routes you know or to plan your next trip for your itchy feet. Featuring short and long trails through woods and mountains as well as particularly challenging treks through gorges, deserts of ice and sand, the book has something for every hiker at all levels of difficulty.

This publication is available in German and English.


Posted on 19.07.2017

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