A 360° view from Arman Emami

A 360° view from Arman Emami

In his book “360° Industrial Design” Arman Emami shows the changes in product design and discuss the topics for the background of his personal experience.

Book topic: Product design in a state of flux

For Arman Emami, product design is basically about marrying the familiar and tried-and-tested on the one hand with innovations on the other. Once, products that were only attractive and useful were able to win over consumers, but that is not nearly enough any more.

Designers are tasked with adjusting to the constant transitions and the rapid pace of technical developments in our time and creating products that win us over in every way. Apart from colours and shapes, consumers want intelligent and self-explanatory operation or the use of different materials that fit harmoniously into the overall image of the product. Another aspect of industrial design is sustainability, which is now entrenched in the heads of consumers.

Arman Emami: personal view of product design

In his practical reference work “360° Industrial Design”, experienced designer Arman Emami shares his personal 360° view of product design today. The book contains lots of appealing images and examples, which Arman Emami used to provide an appropriate framework for up-and-coming talents in the field of design. From the idea to series production, the author analyses and assesses the examples he presents, linking these to his personal experience in order to track the processes of successful product design in the present.

360 ° Industrial Design

Posted on 29.06.2017

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