july, 2015

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Richard Buckminster Fuller was way ahead of his time. He explored nature’s constructing principles and used them in his architecture and conceptual designs, creating many innovations that influenced our everyday lives in a major way. He dedicated his work to environmental awareness from early on and was against the waste of fossil fuels as well as construction materials. His work culminated in the geodesic dome, which wasn’t only used in architecture but in football as well. Before the 1970’s World Cup in Mexico, footballs were made of long leather panels, which were patched together. The Telestar changed that. Twelve black pentagons and 20 white hexagons were stitched up, resulting in a spherical polyhedron. This design was used until 2006. The +Teamgeist for the World Cup in Germany utilised a new design, bonding together six so called “propellers” and eight “turbines”. With a deviation of less than 0.1 per cent to the perfect sphere, the +Teamgeist was more round than its predecessors. Without Richard Buckminster Fuller’s visionary groundwork, the innovative +Teamgeist wouldn’t have been possible. Photo: Dan Lindsay, License: CC BY 3.0


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