august, 2015

21augAll DayAndreas BrandoliniBirthday


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Birthday: 21.08.51
Birthplace: Taucha, GER

The traditional design process is divided into the analysis of a given problem, the conceptualisation of different solutions, followed by drafts and their elaboration, as well as a final presentation. This process is based on logical science-based steps. It is a paradigm, leading to different designers realising similar designs. Andreas Brandolini wanted to break away from this paradigm and thus created his “design poker”. Brandolini’s experimental method includes writing down the most important criteria for the creation of a product in different variations on notecards, followed by sorting them according to categories, such as materials and the processing technology. These notecards are then randomly drawn. The result is to give a general orientation, breaking away from the paradigm and giving new impulses through the random principle.


All Day (Friday)

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