Zhu Zang Hao Architectural Design Co., Ltd
XihuDistrict,GudunRoad,no.660 JianqiangTechnology 310000 Hangzhou China P. R.
Phone: +86 15088716715
Fax: 0571-89715970

DGZH architectural design [ Zhu Zanhao Architectural Design Co., Ltd. ] founded by Mr. Zhu, and served as the Director / Director of design, company is composed of a number of heavyweight interior designers, architects and senior engineer of have both ability and political integrity and professional team making.
DGZH design mainly engaged in top luxury villas, hotels, clubs, property model of commercial space interior design service, is a set of interior design, architectural design, environmental design,soft decoration design, engineering construction service as one integrated professional design company.
DGZH design adhere to guide the design of construction to reflect the design of the soul as the principle, the founder Mr. Zhu. the general design scheme decision and design management system. Ensure the quality of design and construction quality to maximize the reach perfection.
DGZH design with international view and perspective for the owners to provide more excellent way of life, enhance the quality of customer's life. The company won many awards, will undoubtedly become the pioneer of domestic design. This is not only the honor, but also a responsibility. All the staff will continue to strive to create a more reasonable, greener. Morebeautiful, more comfortable of the high-quality space.

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