Zeichen & Wunder GmbH http://www.zeichenundwunder.de
Phone: +49 89-746377-11

Strong brands are our specialty. We handle every step of the
process – from identity and key statements, to brand design and
experiences. We use our own unique methods to produce award-winning
work. We can be strategic and systematic, but also experimental,
creative and innovative at the same time. It’s all about finding the
right balance. At Zeichen & Wunder, we are fascinated by the
connection between strategy and design. Unlike other agencies, we
develop them in tandem instead of separate, isolated disciplines. The
results are truly impressive – see for yourself. 

Our strength: The big idea.
believe in the power of words and know just how effective images can
be. What truly drives us is the moment at which both work together
perfectly – culminating in design that appeals to both the heart and
mind. A clear overarching idea is the recurring theme that holds all of
our concepts together. We find that good design has an emotional
radiance so powerful that no one can resist it. At the same time, good
design needs to be more than just the right look. Design needs to be
bold and have an instinct for disruption. Nothing is more boring than
orderly design. Strategy aside – at some point, you need to make a
personal decision. We’re here to help!

Trust your senses!

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