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Johammer e-mobility (Electric Motorcycle)

Designers: Leonie Lawniczak, Jean-Marie Lawniczak

Design Agency: Yellow Agentur für Kommunikation, Linz / Austria

The Designers (“Yellow” Agentur für Kommunikation) developed the concept and the design of the award-winning product JOHAMMER.

Based on the technical innovations of the client, the “Yellow” Designers Leonie and Jean-Marie created a shape for the new electric motorcycle:
“We thought about a character, animalistic, something to ride on, like a horse or a bull. Because sitting on a horseback was the first aid to move forward. This was the real beginning of convenient locomotion.”

“It doesn’t matter if there is a two- or three-dimensioned task of design, whether it is graphic design or product design. The essential point is to find the direction from the first idea to a really new dimensioned solution of striking simplicity.”
(Jean-Marie Lawniczak, Yellow-Designer)

“Design that polarizes is the signal for something really relevant and new.”
(Leonie Lawniczak, Designer)

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