PROKOP IDentity design
Phone: +49 202/456397

It is the coherence and the new self esteem that are noticed first… PROKOP IDentity design creates new visual identities, which match the high-class of our clients’ range of services. We are setting a sign for our clients, which is both fascinating and functional. We give your communication a unique form. We raise your profile.

The brand development is a fundamental event for every company and institution. That is why a company’s, product’s or service’s branding and design do not happen in a vacuum or by accident, but by precisely getting to know the client, gaining a deep understanding of the task at hand and by means of systematic elaboration and utilisation.

Branding defines the clearly marked positioning in time, space and society, i.e. the market. Corporate design, or more precisely identity design, adopts this (multi)media term.

Identiy design is expression, often beginning with a logotype or a typographic piece of work. However, it consistently unfolds and takes place on all levels and dimensions of expression – the overall appearance, language, product design, architecture or interaction.

PROKOP IDentity design is headed by Dr. Josephine Prokop. She is the first point of contact. The designer, expert, conceptioner, consultant. The listener. And the person, who manages what clients imagine.

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