Producks design studio
58 Gordon St. 47263 Ramat Hasharon
Phone: +972523632611

Yoav Avinoam and Gil Sheffi, have met at the Bezalel academy for art and design in 2005, and have been working together for 6 years now, starting as interns working together, which later led to the opening of Producks design studio. Their work is a constant dialogue between physical and philosophical world, a constant search for the balance between manufacturing techniques, materials, cultural context and identity.Today, Yoav and Gil are working with Caesarstone, Artisan, Jtlv and other manufacturers, they keep an open mind while experimenting on design in their workshop, which, is the heart of their design methodology.In 2012 a solo exhibition was curated by Anat Sabag at the “One” design gallery, showing their work since 2008. They won several design awards and took part in exhibitions around the world, and can be found in the design museum Holon`s permanent collection.

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