Juiststrasse 8-10 28217 Bremen Germany
Phone: 042139095803

Discerning tea drinkers have a hard time. Whether at the supermarket, deli or tea shop. All one has to rely on the monotone products of self-appointed market leaders. Anonymous packaging, unimaginative design and tea, which might taste okay, but has no real character. Should we deal that way with the most popular beverage in the world? No! Therefore we have decided to oppose us the retracted market trends in style of Pop Art artists radically. Under the motto "Zieh durch!" ("pull through") we breathe life into the tea scene by combining the highest organic quality with a thoughtful approach to sustainability and a minimalist design that has set itself the root of all evil to the enemy: The son-in-Image of the tea. For this goal, we are willing to break taboos. With a mixture of provocative and ironic charm Bad Boy mentality we consider innovative tea lovers on our side, who see in the drink more than the rehashing of the fermented leaf of the Camellia sinensis episode. People not only want to drink the tea, but to identify with him.

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