Phoenix Design GmbH & Co. KG

Morals and Magic. Since 1987, Phoenix Design has been designing interaction:
between the product and the user, between the brand and the consumer, between
designers and their clients.

Cases in
point: How do you promote an evolutionary change in how to take a shower? With
a shower head designed for Hansgrohe that allows decalcification by the sweep
of one finger – and that changes its water jet by the push of a button. How do
you manage to achieve differentiation in a market replete with seemingly
similar products? With camera lenses that convey the unique precision of the
Zeiss brand right at first glance. How can house owners keep control of their
building technology at any time, using an app? With the Viessmann “Home Automation
System”. Building technology these days is much more than just a switch and a
boiler; it is a complex system of technological and digital products featuring
future-oriented technologies.

Design is regarded as the leading independent product and interface design
studio in the world. What’s much more important: these designs are convincing
in terms of longevity and verifiable business success. In this respect, Phoenix
Design follows the tradition of Bauhaus and Ulm school – embodying the virtues
of German design. This also holds true for the ever more closely interlocking
design of products and digital interfaces. Today, more than a third of the 60
Phoenix Design employees in Stuttgart, Munich and Shanghai work on Interaction
Design topics. Phoenix Design has already received more than 700 international
design awards. Brand companies like Audi, Axor, Duravit, Fraunhofer/Robotik, Gira,
Hansgrohe, Hewi, Hirschmann, Huawei, Hüppe, Interstuhl, Lamy, LG, Loewe, Osram,
Samsung, Selux, Trumpf,  Viessmann,
Vorwerk and Zeiss are among the long-standing clients.

oriented towards the user and typical for the brand, in open exchange with
interdisciplinary design teams and the clients: that’s how Phoenix Design
develops product and entire product ranges. In a word, with: logic,
morals and magic.

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