One Plus Partnership (Hong Kong) Limited
Unit 1604, 16/F, Eastern Centre 852 Hong Kong Hongkong

One Plus Partnership
Limited established in 2004 by directors Ajax Law and Virginia Lung, is an
award-winning Hong Kong-based design firm. One Plus initiates each project by a
specific theme, inspired by the novel and unique elements in the theme and
develops it into a distinct space. One Plus has been totally awarded 345
international until now including the sole winner of 2012 Andrew Martin International Interior Designer of the Year Award by British Design House Andrew Martin International. One Plus is the First and Only Asian Interior Designer has been awarded this accolade. (Before being awarded as sole winner, One Plus Projects continuously selected as finalist in this award for 11 years. Ajax Law has been selected as the the winner of the “Ten Outstanding Designers 2014” and “Ten Outstanding Young Persons Selection”.

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