Eiswerderstrasse 18 13585 Berlin Germany

nr21 DESIGN is the ultimate design studio. We develop design that even proves its worth right through the implementation phase. Our intention is to create logical and people-friendly products that impress in the market, thanks to their quality and individuality. We take on projects for start-ups and medium-sized companies right through to global players. We also generate proactive product ideas in order to provide creative stimulus or for actual implementation. Our cooperation with research institutes and universities allows us to support the development and communication of current movements in technology and materials research. The scope of our work ranges from the development of innovation concepts and research projects to the definition of design constants, product families and singular product innovations, to logical product differentiation within a portfolio and/or market.

We strive for an extensive and interdisciplinary approach to design, which prevents a separation of a product from its natural surroundings. Feasibility creates the framework to our ideation. Our work not only translates and communicates relevant trends in science and technology but also includes design trends, identity and efficiency. As a result we constantly push the boundaries of the established norm and possibility.

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