853 Alma Street 94301 Palo Alto, CA USA
Phone: +1-650-473-9040

At NONOBJECT we believe that design goes far beyond the making of an object. At the core, design has the power to create an emotional connection. With the emotional connection comes meaning that transcends features and functionalities.

We define this connection as existing in the space between the human and the object – the nonobject space. This space can be understood as a series of layers, from first hearing about a product to actually owning it. As you experience each layer, and the experience is consistently delightful and not marred by friction or contradiction, the result is clarity. Clarity in what the product is about, and clarity in the true meaning and emotional relevance it creates.

With this approach, the work of NONOBJECT reaches beyond the traditional realm of product design to bring a profoundly emotional dimension to the objects that surround us.

Seeing that design was increasingly being relegated to another cog in the fast-moving machinery of business, Branko Lukic, former lead designer at Frog and IDEO, founded NONOBJECT in 2006. The studio is based on the philosophy articulated in Lukic’s book, NONOBJECT, which challenges traditional design conventions with its focus on the importance of emotional relevance in design.

Joined by Steve Takayama, a former lead designer at IDEO, and a team of talented designers, the studio works with clients ranging from big multinationals to cutting edge startups and social entrepreneurs to help them innovate and realize game changing product experiences.

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