Neil Poulton
12 passage turquetil 75011 Paris France

Neil Poulton (born 1963) is a Scottish product designer, based in Paris, France. He specialises in the design of ‘deceptively simple-looking mass-produced objects’Hudson, Jennifer ” Process : 50 Product Designs From Concept to Manufacture “, Laurence King Publishing, UK, 2008, pp168, pp169-171 and has won numerous international design awards. Poulton is best known for his designs in the fields of technology and lighting design and is often associated with manufacturers LaCie, Artemide, Megalit and Atelier Sedap. In 2007, the Centre Georges Pompidou museum in Paris acquired six Poulton-designed objects for its Permanent Contemporary Collection. In 2008, Time magazine included Poulton in ‘The Design 100 ? The people and …


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