mowaii - Creative Agency
Broich 6 51491 Overath Germany
Phone: +49 2206 9199052


Being creative means recharge ideas and develop their optimum visualisation. Clients will not just be accessible, they will be tangible. This is a great challenge, especially if not just boundaries within a country but cultural boundaries are supposed to be negotiated.

Since its establishment in 2005, mowaii has consisted of Founder and Creative Director, David Grasekamp, backed by a team of highly motivated specialists. David Grasekamp himself has over 20 years experience in design and advertising. Depending on the request, a team with the optimum blend of skills and creativity is assembled. Within our dedicated network of professionals we have international designers, which means we can meet country-specific requirements.

At the moment we are in charge of different projects, including brand design and personal advice. For some clients we work as a Full Service Creative Agency.

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