Plaza Republica Argentina 3 28002 Madrid Spain
Phone: +34 91 515 87 04
Fax: +34 91 515 87 05

Mormedi is a Spanish design consultancy specialized in the strategic design of innovative products and services.

Set up in 1998 by Jaime Moreno, the company has grown into a multidisciplinary and highly skilled team of designers, strategists, engineers, business development consultants and marketing specialists.

Mormedi is working successfully across an astonishingly wide range of industry sectors such as consumer electronics, public transportation, aviation, banking, halthcare and telecommunication.

From its head office in Madrid it operates at an international level through a solid network of partners in the United States and Asia for clients such as Airbus, Vodafone, Telefónica, Philips, Siemens, Toyota, BBVA and LG, among others.

Highlights of the last year were the completion of several service design projects for the Telefonica Customer Experience group, a service design and innovation workshop held by Mormedi for the Korean Institute of Design Promotion and the completion of the Iberia cabin design for their new fleet to be launched in 2013.

* Red Dot Award 2013 – for security device eNest.
* BID 12/Cosentino – Diseño y Sostenibilidad – for electric convention radiator designed for Effisense.
* IDSA – International Design Excellence Awards 2012 – Silver – Electric convention radiator designed for Effisense.
* iF – Product design 2012 – Electric convention radiator designed for Effisense.
* Good Design 2009- for the hybrid bus designed by Castrosua.

Strategic Design, Service Design, Interaction Design, Environmental Design, Transportation Design, Industrial Design, Customer Experience

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