MLRP is a young and innovative design practice, who work with a variety of projects, both public and private, typically small to medium  scale. We are inspired by the site and surroundings, we always push the design until the ultimate solution is achieved. We enter a close dialogue with the client to ensure that no stone is left unturned in the process, where curiosity and innovation are decisive factors in developing the appropriate design. We believe that it’s possible to make big statements with small scale projects, and we don’t think there’s a particular correlation between the scale and the quality of the project. MLRP always produce original design solutions, exploring new materials and sustainable design. Founding Partner Mads Hartvig Lund left the renound office PLOT in 2004 to start his own practice. Mads ensures the continual design development of the ever surprising and imaginary concepts. Mads turns every stone in the design process, to make sure that all parameters are considered and resolved from the beginning – context, size, spatial experiences and materials.  

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