Mixer Design Group
2220 Hancock Dr. Suite A 78756 Austin USA
Phone: 512-707-1001

We specialize in technology product design and engineering for global electronics, bioscience and healthcare companies. Our focus is on making our clients’ technology innovations useful and meaningful for their customers. Our clients benefit from our specialized knowledge in industrial design and mechanical engineering, human factors, material selection and global manufacturing.

Ego doesn’t solve design problems; deep insight, expertise, and hard work do. A sense of humor doesn’t hurt, either. Our focus is on helping our clients succeed in the marketplace and within their organizations. When you look good, we look good. We’ve built long-term client relationships by eliminating stress, defusing drama and coming through for our clients time and again. Our solutions support sustainable and environmentally responsible practices. We also share our time, money and skills to help non-profit groups and programs like the Veterans Telling Project, Free Minds Project, Helping Hands Home, and Big Brothers Big Sisters.

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