Meyer-Hayoz Design Engineering Group
Technoparkstrasse 2 8406 Winterthur Switzerland
Phone: +41 52 209 01 01

We regard design as a market-focused process and as a strategic position within identity development for our clients. The deployment of our five fields of competence (Design Strategy, Industrial Design, User Interface Design, Temporary Architecture and Communication Design) enables us to merge together independently operating value creation chains, thereby generating both creative and economic synergies.

The aim of our work is to "translate" a client’s business strategy into a congruent design strategy and to convert this into corporate design and corporate identity programs. Only in this way can it be ensured that "design", in the context of a long-term identity and branding process, can have an influential impact on the company (corporate culture development) and also on the market.

Having been awarded numerous design prizes as one of today’s leading European design companies for corporate branding, medical technology, capital goods, high-tech developments, and sophisticated consumer goods we, the Meyer-Hayoz Design Engineering Group, convey valuable impulses for the strengthening of competitive power and for the target-oriented positioning of our clients’ companies.

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