maiorana designs
Phone: +39 3492535151

"I consider my studio as a place where work groups, partners and companies work together with the same goals. A place connected to the world where all actors act consciously in total respect of users and environment. A studio that often has no walls and barriers, a place that changes shape depending on the content of each project, just like an object that reveals the inside from the outside."

Maurizio Maiorana – Head of maiorana designs

maiorana designs provide project consultancy from concept till product launch, studying the best solutions to facilitate the project development and its communication.

Our design thinking surfs several field taking care of users and environment working with consciousness on different fields, from furniture to consumer products.
Strongly connected with the main player on materials and technologies manufacturer we're able to manage the engineering using creativity.

We recently reached interesting results on energy efficiency on appliances (food contact / conservation / preparation) obtaining great innovations on thermal issues.
This is just an example where we use sciences like physics and industrial design together fused in unique manner. Design from the single parts to the product's skin.

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