Limmex AG
Phone: +41 848 00 11 11 / +49 1805 994 599

In contrast to other emergency call systems, the Limmex Emergency Watch is captivating by its simplicity, its discreet appearance and its choice of watch models. The watch is always within reach. It works outdoors just as reliably as it does at home. Simply press one button and the Limmex Emergency Watch will set up a telephone call for you. Thanks to the built-in GSM-module, loudspeaker and microphone you can directly speak to your person(s) selected in case of emergency. You define which telephone numbers should be called: friends, family members and/or an emergency call centre.
Due to the various designs, the Limmex Emergency Watch counteracts stigmatization that is caused by conventional emergency call systems: the watch is not perceived as emergency call system and, therefore, its wearer is not marked as in need of help. Phosphorus on hands and dial enables reading the time at night. By installing the emergency call button on the right side of the watch case, triggering of false alarms is reduced. On the left side of the watch case, there is the crown for adjusting the time. No more buttons were installed in order to ensure the simplicity of operating the watch. The charging socket for the GSM-module is covered by simply turning the back of the watch. With a weight of 46 grams, the watch is surprisingly light despite complex technology that had to fit into the metal case. The Limmex Emergency Watch has been developed in Switzerland and is produced in the heart of the Swiss watch industry.

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