Lattke und Lattke
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Full service – from the first sketch to the final product: Every project realised by Lattke und Lattke is based on this philosphy. The portfolio coverst the whole range of Corporate Publishing: staff magazines, image brochures, corporate websites and also incentive programs and stationary items. In order to achieve the best result fort he customer project teams at Lattke und Lattke are rather flexible than rigid. This leads to optimised processes and fast response times. Also, by bringing employees of different education – e.g. technical, economical, journalistic, creative – together in a rather small team, people might learn from each other and integrate different point of views in their daily work. In result, this attitude helps to solve even complicated corporate publishing tasks. Lattke und Lattke is operated by Mr. Jens Lattke as managing partner and art director. The staff of Lattke und Lattke consists of marketing experts, graphic designers, copywriters, project managers and picture editors.

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